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Fatal Error

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Repairing Fatal Errors on your Computer

A fatal error is an error that occurs within a program that the program is unable to recover from internally and that causes the program to abort, or close, unexpectedly. Most programs are equipped with built-in diagnostic programs that monitor and troubleshooting the program's functions internally and either automatically fix problems or communicate with the user, offering prompts to direct the user to solve the problem. When a program encounters a fatal error and the program aborts it means that the error is beyond the capacity of the program's diagnostics to recover internally and the program closes. When a fatal error occurs the user is most often returned to the operating system from where the program can be re-launched.  A fatal error and the unexpected crash of a program often results in the loss of any unsaved data or any applications that the computer was processing at the time.

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Download this free scanner to scan your Windows Registry for problems that may lead to Windows system/program erors and potentially fatal errors.

There are several possible causes of a fatal error that include entering an illegal instruction that the program is not designed to perform, entering an invalid code or invalid data that the program is not designed to accommodate, or entering code or attempting an operation beyond the capacity of the program.

When a fatal error occurs in most operating systems and some programs the system is designed to create a diagnostic log or memory dump of the system particulars and the attempted commands at the time of the crash that are helpful for troubleshooting and updating software. After a fatal error occurs the user, or a technician, can read the memory dump log which is a document of the specific operations encountered by the system at the time and determine the exact cause of the error which is useful for future programming and program design.

A fatal error is a problem within a program, in contrast to a fatal system error, which is a problem within an operating system. A fatal system error is specific to an operating system and causes the operating system to stop functioning unexpectedly. In contrast to a fatal error within a program that only threatens unsaved, program specific data, a fatal system error can threaten previously saved data, system preferences and user configurations.

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Download this free registry scanner and find out just how clogged your Windows registry really is.

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3 Responses to “Fatal Error”

  1. 001   Ed

    my disc drive stopped working?
    what can i do to find out whats wrong?

  2. 002   Celeste Stewart

    Hi Ed,
    Try these tips here:

  3. 003   Ian


    I like to play Runescape but whenever I run it, my computer shuts down! (It has had a memory dump before.) I believe it's an internal Java error that's causing it and I understand that using RegCure will 'probablly' fix it. However, before buying the product I want to be entirely sure that it will fix my computer of this error. Will it? Another concern is the cost of the product. I know that $40.00 sounds fair, but I wanted to know, before buying RegCure, if there was a way to fix my computer without spending any money whatsoever. If you could get back to me soon that would be great. Thank you.

    (I know I posted a response somewhere else but I figured my questions belonged here.)

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