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ActiveX Error

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About ActiveX Errors

ActiveX is a technology developed by Microsoft that combines two different processes that are used to ease and develop software compatibility and interoperability. Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) focuses on communication between software programs and Component Object Model (COM) focuses on implementation.

Microsoft combined the two technologies in 1996 and refitted them into ActiveX that allows the implementation of one software program by another through dispatch interfaces that can essentially allow software programs to access and gain control of each other through program specific code. ActiveX controls are prolific and facilitate important technologies used to engage the internet and multiple related functions including dialogue boxes, the Internet Explorer browser and even the command button.

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Problems with ActiveX

One potential problem created by ActiveX stems from the facilitation of user-friendly interaction with software applications over the internet. Like Java Applet, ActiveX allows users to interact with and administer applications with simple code. As a result, ActiveX creates the potential for hackers to easily access and implement applications. However, unlike Java Applet, ActiveX controls can only be run on Microsoft web browser and Microsoft operating systems.

ActiveX Controls refer to reusable components that trigger and implement the interfaces that initiate communication between software programs and allow programmers to create applications that are compatible with other programs. Rather than entire programs, ActiveX controls are small bits of code, or information, that can be accessed and implemented by different software.

ActiveX implements and runs little pieces of code that install small programs to computer systems that are downloadable such as calculators or data sheets. Since these programs run code and are executable they can render your system vulnerable to hackers and unwanted code. In the worst case scenario your computer downloads an application that contains a malicious code that can wipe your hard drive or run a program that makes your system inoperable. Malware, computer viruses and spyware are often packaged and distributed as ActiveX.

Prevent ActiveX Exploits - Increase your Security Settings

You can protect your system from the vulnerabilities of ActiveX by installing security settings that monitor and limit the ways that your computer is able to interact with ActiveX programs through your Web browser. You should ensure that your system is configured to prevent unauthorized ActiveX access and downloads. There is also a specific commercial ActiveX Control Cleanup Tool available that will scan your system and guide you through getting rid of unwanted applications.

Download this free registry scanner and find out just how clogged your Windows registry really is.

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  1. 001   rosanna

    i try to play games on yahoo pogo any web site it says i met the requierments but i still cant play please help me thanks

  2. 002   Celeste Stewart

    Here’s some information that may help:
    Thanks! The Team

  3. 003   catherine mcdunnah

    i cannot play dvds or video's I am on dial up bu have a dvd player installed, but not the dvd codex ...can anyone direct me on how to fix this?

  4. 004   Celeste Stewart

    Hello, here's some information that should help:
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  5. 005   Corina Munoz

    I got a laptop for my daugter but i'm the one that use it the most.when we got i't we put the Trend Micro Antivirus plus AntiSpyware .I think that the problem.We can't download anything please help us.

  6. 006   Celeste Stewart

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  7. 007   TINA


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  9. 009   Alice DeRooy

    I used to print cards from create&print, lately I have not been able to, a small window pops up saying there is a printer error, the printer is working just fine, Please help.

  10. 010   Brady Christian

    i dont know how to install activex control to play a game?

  11. 011   Celeste Stewart


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  12. 012   Celeste Stewart

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  14. 014   robyoung

    I have uninstalled all adobe software then reinstalled version 10 ,but when it gets to flash player it goes all thorugh the installation gets to the end and says installation failed , I've tried this many times same

  15. 015   Celeste Stewart

    We'll look into this for you.

  16. 016   Celeste Stewart

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