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16 Responses to “Troubleshooting”

  1. 001   amber hendrik

    cant remove netzero

  2. 002   charlie

    cant get limewire to work all installed but everytime i click on the limewire it does nothing, ive tried uninstallin and re installin no luck any other ideas???

  3. 003   Celeste Stewart

    Is there a Limewire icon down by the clock in the System Tray area (assuming you're running Windows)? If so, it's already running. Try launching it from there.

    If not, it could be a problem with Java.
    Here's a link to the Limewire Support page covering startup issues:

    Scroll down to the Starting and Connecting Questions. Hope it helps!

  4. 004   Celeste Stewart

    Are you still having issues with uninstalling NetZero?

  5. 005   Eben

    My desktop PC is the slowest in the world. I have recentlty tried upgrading the memory from 192 MB to 1GB but the new memory won't work. how can i resolve this issue. Please find information about my PC below.

    1)O/S : Windows Vista XP ( Ultimate Advanced Edition 2007, SP3)
    2)Hard Disk: 80GB
    Used Space: 9.83 GB
    Free Space: 66.4 GB
    Make: Maxtor 6Y08L0

    3)Processor: AMD Semprom(TM) 2400+
    1.68 GHz
    192 MB RAM

    The following information is recorded on the motherboard.
    : ASRock
    : ATA 133
    : AGP 8X

    256 MB
    LDBTDK2400048 PC 2700


    Information on New Memory:
    ELIXIR 1024MB DDR2 667 PC5300M

    I will be very pleased to know if i have purchased the right memory and aloso how do i get it working please.

    Thank you very much

  6. 006   Celeste Stewart

    Hi Eben,
    Here's a post that may help with your question:


  7. 007   Carol

    I bought this software because it came up as a Windows supported program to help me with ithmb problems. My iphone downloaded my photos to my PC Laptop into folders called "F01, F02 etc." They won't open and say Windows doesn't recognize this file format. Nothing works and I can't open the folders. please help. I just bought this software and obviously it isn't for this problem although it proported to be. Thanks, Carol

  8. 008   Celeste Stewart

    Here's some information that might help:

  9. 009   caroline

    in (late) springcleaning frenzy may have deleted mac download icon on deck (& downloads?) is it out/out there somewhere?

  10. 010   carol

    cannot remove Norton Antivirus client Error message when try to remove says 'C:/DOUCME~1/CAROLN~1/LOCALS/~1/Temp/~SMI~1769C?SYMANT~1.MS/SYMANTEC Antivirus Client. msi' cannot be found. I have used every uninstall on Norton site along with registry cleaners & other uninstall

  11. 011   marc

    I'm road runner on internet not aol need help getting back

  12. 012   Celeste Stewart

    Hello, here's some information that should help:
    Thanks! The Team

  13. 013   TOM GUTH


  14. 014   Celeste Stewart

    Hello, here's some information that should help:
    Thanks! The Team

  15. 015   Deanna

    Need help with commenting and blogging

  16. 016   Celeste Stewart

    Hello, here's some information that should help:
    Thanks! The Team
    Follow us at

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