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File Extension TPB

TPB File Extension Description

The file extension TPB is known for its two uses for two different applications. The TPB file extension may be found with the GROMACS application, or it can be used with the HiJaak application.

For GROMACS, the TPB file extension works as the portable input file, particularly for the portable binary run. The GROMACS application is defined as a molecular dynamics simulation package. It was originally created in the University of Groningen. In fact, GROMACS is the acronym for Groningen Machine for Chemical Simulations. Among its many features include the computation of the different virial in one sum over various particles, generic representation as triclinic of all the possible periodic box types, and optimized handling of the various neighbor lists.

In its general sense, the TPB file extension is involved in the inputting of different data or information to the GROMACS application. These data and information are used to achieve the purpose of the GROMACS application. However, more than being the input file of this application, the TPB file extension is also used with the HiJaack application, this time for a different purpose; as its backup file for soft fonts.

HiJaak is a graphic file converter, which utilizes the TPB application, is capable of converting as much as 115 file formats. This also has a powerful capturing utility, and provides excellent raster, 3D engines, and vector. It is also capable of processing through the drag-and-drop functionality, and it has support for digital cameras and flashpixs. It also has animated GIF filters and support for the EPS files. HiJaak has also a developed support for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as AutoCAD.

The TPB file extension is a backup file for soft font. This is a kind of font that is copied from a certain computer to the printer?s memory. The TPB file extension also has the soft font?s ability of being generated by a certain font program inside the user?s computer.

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    N/ A
  • Associated Applications:
    GROMACS, HiJaak

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