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File Extension HEX

HEX File Extension Description

The HEX file extension contains hexadecimal values in text format (usually in ASCII) that hold information for programming hardware applications like microprocessors, microcontrollers, and programmable chips.

There are three kinds of .hex files classified according to the information they hold. These 3 types are: 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit. They are often distinguished based on the chronological order of bytes in the data.

Each .hex file has six major parts that determine the information about a certain application or code, and these are:

Start Code - an ASCII character colon represents the start code (:)

Byte Count - to hexadecimal digits in the data field. Denotes the number of bytes being used in the file.

Address - contains four hexadecimal digits that define the 16-bit address of the beginning of the memory position used in the data. Can only accommodate a maximum of 64Kb of data.

Record Type ? this area defines the data field. Holds the hexadecimal value from 00 to 05.

Data ? contains the sequence of bytes of the .hex file's data.

Checksum ? holds two hexadecimal digits that define the least significant byte. Adding the hex digit fairs will determine the value for this field.

The record type found in the .hex file has 6 types:

(00) Data record that contains the 16-bit address,

(01) Data for terminating the record, or End of File Record

(02) Only used with 16 bits and are not enough to hold the data, defined as Extended Segment Address Record

(03) Defined as Start Segment Address Record,

(04) Normally called Extended Linear Address Record, which allows 32-bit addressing, and

(05) Denotes the Start Linear Address Record field

To successful modify or create a hexadecimal (.hex) file, a special text-based editor is necessary to properly input each field and compile it to be used with other applications or hardware.

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