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The file extension MIME is an acronym, which stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension. This file extension was developed and endorsed by the Internet Engineering Task Force.

The Internet Engineering Task Force is a group of individuals who volunteer to determine Internet standards. There is no strict membership necessary and the funding all comes from sponsors. This group is responsible for developing and endorsing technology that could be used on the internet. Most of its endorsed internet standards allow for unified forms that can be used by the entire World Wide Web.

The file extension .mime was created so that all kinds of files can be transmitted by e-mail. Before the MIME format was developed, only files with the ASCII plain text format could be transmitted over the internet. Other files lost data when transmitted as e-mail attachments because their characters could not be translated. Now, with the use of the file extension .mime, files in different formats can be encoded so that they retain all their data during the transfer.

Files with the .mime file extension can contain encoded data from several files. Text files not in US-ASCII format, non-text attachments, software, music, videos and multi-part message bodies are encoded and given the .mime file extension so they can be sent as e-mail attachments. Non-ASCII files that need to be sent over HTTP are also encoded and given the .mime file extension so it would not lose data.

E-mail clients or mail servers often do the conversion of files to have the .mime file extension automatically. After the file has been sent, most e-mail servers and clients can handle the decoding of the files as well. In the case that an e-mail server is not able to handle files with the .mime file extension, there are other programs that can.

The Smith Micro Stuffit Expander can decode files with the .mime file extension. The program is compression and decompression application that supports a number of file formats. The application can read files with the mime application file extension and decode it back to its original format.

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    Smith Micro Stuffit Expander, WinZip

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