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  • Properties:
  • System Process: No
  • Background Process: Yes
  • Application Process:Yes
  • Common Path:
    C:\ Program Files\ Microsoft Works\ wkdetect.exe
  • Uses Network:Yes
  • Uses Internet:Yes

The process wkdetect.exe makes an online check of available updates from the Internet for the software Microsoft Works from Microsoft Corporation. Updates to enhance the basic functionality of MS Works as a Microsoft organizer utility are automatically loaded by the wkdetect.exe to MS Works.

Microsoft Works is a useful application integrated into Microsoft Windows that allows PC users to organize schedules, task lists and even finances. Using Microsoft Works, letters, resumes, greeting cards and other documents can be created. The software has an integrated Word Processor application that has the full features of a typical word processing program. It has customizable templates, a spell and grammar checker and a built-in dictionary. The Works Spreadsheet also helps users to organize task list and even track finances. There is also wider space for a contacts list stored in an easy-to-use database.

The process wkdetect.exe or MS Works Update Detection provides users with the extra functionality of MS Works by ensuring that all updated features of the software are delivered minus the hassle of searching for it on the Internet. This process works as a background program that is automatically enabled when the user goes online. While connected, the process wkdetect.exe looks through the Internet for available updates from the Microsoft Update website. Thus, with functions of the wkdetect.exe process, network users are assured that their version of MS Works is always the latest version.

When the wkdetect.exe process detects a security update, software update or any hotfix, it automatically manages the downloading process and prompts the user to install the updates. In higher versions of Windows, such as in Windows XP home edition, users have an option to set the Zone Alarm for Microsoft Works Update Detection to access the Internet. The Zone Alarm prompts the user at a specified schedule to connect to the Internet so that the wkdetect.exe process can update Microsoft Works.

Some of the updates that have been made available by Microsoft for the MSWorks, and that which should be detected by the wkdetect.exe process include: updates to the architecture of the software; updates in the Works productivity tools; and the removal of Microsoft Draw and WordArt from the Works software.


This is a safe process. There is no necessity to remove this process from your system or change it in any way.