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  • Properties:
  • System Process: No
  • Background Process: Yes
  • Application Process:No
  • Common Path:
    C:\ Program Files\ Common Files\ Microsoft Shred\ Works Shared\ wkcalrem.exe
  • Uses Network:No
  • Uses Internet:No

The Microsoft Works is an office suite, which includes the word processor, spreadsheet and database. Its portfolio utility offers Microsoft Binder-like utility. Older releases of MS Works included a Terminal Emulator while the newer versions have a dictionary and a calendar application known as the Microsoft Works Calendar.

The Works Calendar allows you to create, rename or delete a calendar, create multiple calendars, view two or more calendars together, and share an appointment with another calendar. It also allows you to store appointments and add new events such as birthdays and anniversaries. The process in charge of reminding you of these tasks is the wkcalrem.exe file.

The EXE wkcalrem.exe is used to remind you of appointments and events that you schedule in the Microsoft Works Calendar. An appointment occurs within a specific period of time such as a meeting while an event is a type of appointment that is not associated with a specific time, such as an anniversary or a birthday or an activity that lasts for more than a day, such as a vacation.

When you set the appointment or event that you want the wkcalrem.exe process to remind you for, you must also specify the time that you want the reminder to occur. You can also choose which actions can have sounds by selecting the sound file that you want in the Sounds, Program Events box of Microsoft Works Calendar in the Control Panel.

The Works Calendar also integrates with the Windows Address Book (WAB), thus allowing the wkcalrem.exe process to update the Works Calendar with the new birthday and anniversary information from WAB each time you open the calendar check box.

The new Works Calendar now supports the iCalendar format, making it easier to share information with other people, even if they aren't using Works. The format you select depends on how you want your Calendar information to be used. If you want to be able to post a calendar for viewing on a Web site, export your information as an HTML document. If you want other people to be able to use your calendar information in their own calendar program, export your information as an .ics file. If you are not sure how your calendar information will be viewed, export it as a tab-delimited text file. This file format can be imported and read by most programs.


This is a safe process. There is no necessity to remove this process from your system or change it in any way.