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  • Properties:
  • System Process: No
  • Background Process: Yes
  • Application Process:Yes
  • Common Path:
    C:\ Program Files\ Visioneer\ VisioneerOneTouch Scanner\ wiseupdt.exe
  • Uses Network:Yes
  • Uses Internet:Yes

The process wiseupdt.exe is used on the Visioneer OneTouch Scanner to check for updates whenever the computer connects to the Internet.

Visioneer, a developer of imaging products, developed its OneTouch scanner to provide consumers with a utility that allows one touch scanning using a powerful set of scanner settings. Visioneer provides updates for all its imaging products on its website as well as other consumer sites which can be downloaded online. It thus integrated the process wiseupdt.exe to its scanner drivers to automatically detect updates for its OneTouch scanner and load them on the customers machine.

As an updater utility, the wiseupdt.exe process works in the background while the user with a computer attached to a Visioneer OneTouch scanner surfs the Internet. It searches for updates that it can load to the OneTouch scanner software. When an update is detected, it prompts the user to update the scanner driver before configuring its settings.

Users can make use of the Visioneer OneTouch scanner manager to control the scanner settings so that documents can be scanned automatically to a selected file folder, email, printer or any Word processing application. Preset settings, such as resolution, color, and file format can either be updated by the wiseupdt.exe process or reconfigured manually by the user.

The wiseupdt.exe file is also known to be associated with the Grokster file sharing tools. It is used to update the Grokster application to allow users to take advantage of the most recent file sharing technology available on the market.

The wiseupdt.exe file may also belong to the program Dope Wars 2.2 for Windows or LyricsAMP for Windows Media Player 9. The company Wise Solutions, Inc. also came up with wiseupdt.exe process integrated with its LyricsAMP program.

Additional wiseupdt.exe Info:

Part of: Visioneer OneTouch Scanner software, Author URL:, File Created by: Visioneer, Inc.

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