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  • Properties:
  • System Process: No
  • Background Process: No
  • Application Process:Yes
  • Common Path:
    C:\ Program Files
  • Uses Network:Yes
  • Uses Internet:Yes

The Bistream Font Navigator application utilizes the process fontnav.exe as the file that executes the program. The file fontnav.exe or Bitstream Font Navigator utility is a program that allows users to manage fonts installed in their computers. The program opens a window or GUI (Graphical User Interface) when executed. The GUI launched by the process fontnav.exe allows users to view a list of the fonts installed on their computer and preview how these fonts look.

Composed of two main panes split horizontally, the fontnav.exe process lives up to its name as a navigator. The leftmost pane has the list of installed fonts on the computer, and upon selecting a name with the mouse; the right pane will show a list of the inclusive filenames. Below this pane on the right side is the preview of the actual typeface presented in the standard differing stylized forms: roman, oblique, bold, italicized, and so on. Highlighting all the characters from A through Z with the standard The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over the Lazy Dogs line presented by the fontnav.exe process provides the user a decent preview of the fonts.

The Font Navigator utility makes it easy for end users to browse through large amounts of fonts and have them installed or uninstalled on a machine depending on the users preferences. Other features provided by the fontnav.exe process allow users to group fonts into more manageable divisions.

The application was previously bundled with the older versions of WordPerfect but until this day is still bundled with Corel Draw as an official feature. Older versions of WordPerfect or Corel Draw will install the fontnav.exe process into the computer. Installing the free trial of the Corel Draw will likewise install the Font Navigator program. It is otherwise unavailable because the BitStream Software Company has stopped making the program available as a standalone product, instead replacing the fontnav.exe process with newer applications.


This is a safe process. There is no necessity to remove this process from your system or change it in any way.