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  • Properties:
  • System Process: No
  • Background Process: Yes
  • Application Process:Yes
  • Common Path:
    c:\ program files\ speedtouch\ dr speedtouch\ drst.exe
  • Uses Network:Yes
  • Uses Internet:Yes

The process drst.exe, also known as Dr. SpeedTouch Manager, is a process file that manages the SpeedTouch Internet Communication Devices. The process file drst.exe is installed along with the SpeedTouch ADSL modem device that provides added configuration options for the said device.

Dr. SpeedTouch along with the program file drst.exe is diagnostics software within SpeedTouch modem devices that sends out vital information about its mother application for verification to a server. This process then relays the data back to the software program to test the network as part of a diagnostic process to determine if the connection for the SpeedTouch ADSL modem is working at its utmost health. The process file drst.exe is not required if the computer system is connected via Ethernet or via USB port.

Dr. SpeedTouch is a software package along with its main program file drst.exe that is meant to troubleshoot SpeedTouch modems. The process file drst.exe offers support for the SpeedTouch 5xx/ 6xx for all version 4.2.x releases. The file drst.exe also offers support for SpeedTouch USB(i) and the SpeedTouch 330 from the version 2.01 releases onwards. Overall, the Dr, SpeedTouch Manager minimizes the time needed for troubleshooting, as well as an ideal tool for making sure the installed modem always operates at maximum efficiency.

SpeedTouch is a brand name given by Alcatel and Thomson SA to a networking device produced under the SpeedTouch brand name. Other retail products include a wide variety of devices including ADSL and ADSL2+ modems, wireless access equipment, residential gateways, SHDSL interconnect equipment and VoIP handsets.

Additional drst.exe Info:

Part of: SpeedTouch, Author URL:, File Created by: Alcatel and Thompson SA

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