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  • Properties:
  • System Process: No
  • Background Process: Yes
  • Application Process:No
  • Common Path:
    C:\ Program Files\ Dell AIO Printer A***\ dlbabmgr.exe
  • Uses Network:No
  • Uses Internet:No

The file dlbabmgr.exe is related to the Dell AIO (All in One) A*** series of printers (Dell printer models A920 - A960). The All-In-One Series integrates the functions of printers; fax machines, as well as scanners and photocopiers within an all-in-one device, making the printer fully functional and easy to use.

The file dlbabmgr.exe provides communication between the DELL A9** series printer and the computer. Without this dlbabmgr.exe file program installed, it would cause one of the DELL AIO printers main features not to work (specifically the printing, scanning and the photocopying features).

This file process dlbabmgr.exe is one of the components of the Dell AIO printer driver that is automatically enabled in the system configuration menu. Once the computer boots up or initializes after the reboot process, it loads the DELL printer drivers (along with the dlbabmgr.exe file process) and then starts the DELL All-in-One Center application.

The DELL All-in-One Center is an application that opens a GUI (Graphical User Interface) or an active window that has printing, scanning and faxing options. These options are available for the users to configure the desired function of the AIO printer (for best quality or optimized scanning / printing). This application is needed by the AIO printer in order for the user to scan and fax using the computer (best option when the printer is meters away from the computer). The user does not have to press the AIO printers hard keys.


This is a safe process. There is no necessity to remove this process from your system or change it in any way.