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Tenebril MemoryBoost Pro

Mini Review: Tenebril MemoryBoost Pro


Your computer's memory is one of the most noticeable, though intangible, features of your computer. When your computer has plenty of memory, it zips along just fine. However, when memory is in short supply, your computer underperforms and sometimes even comes to a crashing halt. Tenebril Memory Boost Pro is a useful memory boosting utility that helps squeeze out as much memory as possible on your computer so that your computer will run smoothly and efficiently.


MemoryBoost Pro is packed with memory-enhancing features and monitors including:

  • Automatic memory cleanup - Let MemoryBoost Pro automatically free up memory and improve performance.
  • Crash protection - When your system's resources get too low, your computer is at a heighted risk of crashing. MemoryBoost Pro warns you when resources are approaching dangerous levels, thus giving you time to close programs before they crash. This also allows you time to save data that might otherwise have been the victim of an unexpected shutdown.
  • Shuts down unnecessary programs - that are gobbling up your computer's memory.
  • Memory reports - MemoryBoost Pro provides you with easy-to-read reports and statistics so that you can instantly see how your computer's memory is being used as well as how your computer is currently performing.
  • Displays how much memory each program is using - so that you are better able to determine which programs should be shutdown.


Because your computer relies heavily on memory, managing its memory is a useful way to improve performance. The more memory the computer has access to, the better your computer runs. MemoryBoost Pro actively finds areas of memory that can be freed up, resulting in a performance boost.

In addition, this is a useful performance tool with a variety of features that allow you to make the best decisions possible regarding your system's memory usage. You'll have advance warning that a crash is imminent, which gives you time to prevent it from happening.

How it Works

MemoryBoost Pro protects your computer's resources and helps keep your PC running its best. This utility is inexpensive and requires very little dedicated resources to run. Meanwhile, it actively seeks out areas of memory to free, resulting in a performance enhancement. This product requires only 8MB of RAM and 16MB of hard disk space. It is built for Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, and 95.


Rather than investing in more memory chips, maximize your existing memory by using a tool such as MemoryBoost Pro.

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