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Slow Cricket Modem

I have a Dell with XP. Since the only thing available is dialup @ 19k to 32k, I purchased a Cricket A600 broadband modem over a week ago. When I plug it into my computer, everything slows way down or freezes. I changed it for a new one - same thing. I have tried it in 3 computers and get the same results. I downloaded the software from Cricket's site and then plugged modem in. At least it didn't disappear from My Computer or make the Safely Remove icon disappear. But when I click on the broadband software, it says "No Device". I went to Options, Find Device, etc. It says "Modem not found". Can you help please?Susan Keenan

Cricket modems are notorious for slowing up the performance of computers. They use dial-up technology which is slow at best and offers slow broadband technology. There's not much hope for speeding up your connection, but at least you can understand it and perhaps some of the suggestions can assist you in optimizing the performance of your Cricket modem.

Troubleshooting Modem Not Found

If your computer is not recognizing the existence of your modem and gives you the message that the modem not found, the best strategy is probably to reinstall the software for it. Some Cricket modem users have mentioned that the drivers do not seem to install correctly on their own. Since this could be the problem that you are experiencing, I suggest that you access the setup file and manually install the device drivers following the prompts that are provided for doing so. Once you have accomplished this, reboot the computer so that the new settings take place and the computer should recognize the modem. If this strategy does not work for you, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the software for the modem.

Understanding Slow Cricket Modem

The Cricket Broadband network does not work in isolation. What I mean is that it needs to have either the Sprint EVDO network or the Verizon network available in order for it to function properly. If neither of these is available, then you are going to experience slow connectivity. This is especially true in rural or less-populated areas. To put it bluntly, Cricket Broadband modem accesses the Internet using cell phone technology. Since the maximum speed is fairly slow, this means that your Internet access is going to be slow using the modem.

Troubleshooting Slow Cricket Modem: Tweaking Speed Settings

Once you have the modem properly installed and you can locate it in your list of devices, you can use this set of instructions in an attempt to tweak your modem speed setting.

1)   Look in the folder labeled Network Connections, which should be in your Control Panel and locate the Cricket Broadband icon.

2)   Right click on the Cricket Broadband icon and click on Properties.

3)   In the dialog box that opens up, you should click on the tab labeled Configure.

4)   In the Configure dialog box that opens up, find and open the drop down menu for the modem speed. If it is possible to increase the speed, do so.

Alternatively, you can try using a different Web browser and see if that makes any difference in speed.

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