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Printer Power Problem

I have an HP Deskjet 3920 printer and cannot switch it on. What should I do? Thanks for your assistance.Kate Dubensky

There are a number of things that you can try to re-charge the power to your printer and get it up and running again. There could be a malfunction in the device, or it could be as simple as a loose cable connection. Work through these steps to troubleshoot the issue.

Test the Power Button

  • 1. Press and release the Power button - instead of holding down or repeatedly tapping the power button, which could cause the printer to turn on and then off again - press and quickly let go. Now wait a moment and see if the unit starts to power up. In case it is slow to start, make sure you wait a minute before trying again.

Check the Power Cable and Wall Outlet

  • 2. Check the electrical cable and outlet - to troubleshoot the power supply unplug the cord from both the wall outlet and the printer. Try plugging a lamp or other device into the same socket to test the power supply. Make sure there is no damage to the cable. Wait 60 seconds then reconnect the cable to the wall only. Bypass any powerbars or other intermediaries. If the green light on the power supply (cord and module) fails to light, contact HP directly to replace the power cord. If the power supply shows green, connect to the printer then quickly press and release the power button.

Test the USB Cable

  • 3. Next, try disconnecting the UBS cable from the printer. Try powering up without the USB attached. If this works, replace the USB cable

Test the Battery

  • 4. Check the battery light on the back of the printer. If red, recharge or replace the battery then power up.

Replace the Power Cord or have the Printer Serviced

  • 5. If none of these steps solve the issue, you can try one of two things. Either contact HP to replace the power cord and module to make sure that isn't the issue, or take the printer in for servicing. You can likely ask a local shop to let you try swapping the power cord to remove that possibility before agreeing to service. If the cord is not the problem, then your printer likely needs some repair.

I hope this helps!!

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