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With you can send faxes from your email account - Free signup and NO Hidden fees


Tired of having multiple machines connected to your PC? Ready to ditch your phone line but can't because you need to send and receive faxes and your broadband connection doesn't allow you to do so? Try and you'll soon find that your clunky old fax machine can be moved out of the office for good!


Send and receive your faxes via e-mail! No more toner cartridges, ink cartridges, paper loading, or busy signals.

  • Local or Toll Free Phone Numbers - Your senders send faxes to you using a standard fax machine with a real fax phone number. They don't need anything special to send you a fax and have it delivered to your e-mail inbox - just your fax number.
  • Central Web Management - Manage your faxes online to send and receive faxes, manage your contact list, change account preferences, and more.
  • Send Faxes from your E-mail Account - Sending faxes is as simple as sending an e-mail message.
  • Personalized Cover Pages - Personalize your cover pages with custom information, logos, etc.
  • Scheduled Delivery - Want to send a fax now but have it arrive at a later time? Scheduled delivery allows you to schedule your fax for a specific arrival date and time.
  • Junk Fax Filtering - Filter out the junk faxes just as you do SPAM.
  • Send Faxes to Multiple Recipients - Just as you can e-mail multiple recipients, so too can you send faxes.
  • Wireless Faxing - Send and receive faxes from your compatible wireless device.
  • Integrates with Popular Applications - You can send and receive faxes from within popular applications such as Act! and Microsoft Office.
  • Reports and Archives - View reports about your faxing history or view archived faxes (stored for one full year). You can also store faxes directly to your hard drive permanently.
  • Deliver Receipts - When your fax has been successfully delivered, you'll receive a notification.


Using frees up the clutter in your office by eliminating the need for a fax machine. In addition, your fax-related costs go down because you can eliminate the monthly expense of a dedicated fax line as well as never have to buy replacement fax cartridges or paper rolls again! Even taking the monthly MyFax fee into account, you are money ahead. In addition, you'll help the environment by reducing paper waste and chemical toner usage.

Having faxes delivered to your computer also makes it easier for you to archive important faxes for later viewing.

How it Works          charges a small monthly fee for using the service which is priced based on volume. Personal, Small Business, and Enterprise plans are available. A built-in Account Setup Wizard makes setting up your account a snap. MyFax offers a "test drive" on their Web site where you simply enter your e-mail address and receive an Internet Fax.


If you want an easier way to send, receive, and manage your faxes, give a try. You'll enjoy the convenience and save money!


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