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Office Keeps Crashing

Every time I try to select the color tool for Word or Excel, the program stops working and closes down. Then, when I try to close Word, I get this message: Word cannot open the file ~WRS(7D780A-54B6-4E7F-A073-4DEA6927F7DF). What is the problem and how do I get rid of the message?Celeste Stewart

Office 2007 Service Pack 2

Sounds like we may have two separate issues here. The color selection tool problem may be related to a recent update to the software or damage within the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft recently issued a service pack for Microsoft Office 2007. Before we begin, think about when the problems began. The Office 2007 service pack was issued on April 24, 2009 as an "important" update, so if your problems began around then, it's possible that the service pack is to blame. If you suspect that the service pack has adversely affected your computer, you can download the Service Pack Uninstall Tool for Microsoft Office 2007.

However, since this service pack is an important update, it's not necessarily automatic, so there's also the possibility that your version of Office is out of date. Installing the service pack could correct your errors with Word and Excel. So, even though I know the advice sounds contrary to what I just said, you might want to download and install it. When it comes to updates and service packs, errors can work both ways. Sometimes the updates cause errors; other times they fix them. When updates cause more problems than they fix, they're eventually updated with yet another update.

Repairing Office

If you think that your copy of Office might have damaged files, then you can "repair" Office easily enough. In Office 2007, go to the Office button while in Word and then click Word Options. Click the Resources link and choose Run Microsoft Office Diagnostics > Diagnose. In earlier versions of Office, use the Detect and Repair Tool which is found under the Help menu. These diagnostics tools will scan your copy of Office and repair or replace any damaged files.

~WRS Files

Now, let's take a look at the ~WRS file. When you see a Word file with the tilde (~) mark at the beginning of the file name, this indicates a temporary file. A similar issue, albeit with a different file name than appears in your error message, involved problems with Word saving temporary files properly when it was closed. This error occurred with Word users who had HP printers set as their default printer. The workaround was to set a different printer as the default until HP eventually released an updated printer driver to solve this issue. If you have an HP printer, updating its printer driver or using an alternative printer as the default should solve this problem.

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