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Installing NFS Prostreet

How do I install NFS ProStreet from CD?Susan Keenan

NFS Prostreet or Need for Speed ProStreet is one of the games put out by EA Games. It's available for the computer, Playstation 3, Playstation 2, PSP, Xbox 360, and Nintendo. For the PC version, not only can you enjoy playing the game, but you can also put up photo shots of your game play to share with other NFS ProStreet enthusiasts. If you are receiving an error message that is stating that you need to insert the CD/DVD for the game, then most likely you are experiencing one of the following: faulty drive, incorrect drive, or pirated version of the game.

How to Install NFS ProStreet: CD Drive Versus DVD Drive

Some computers come equipped with a CD drive and a DVD drive. It's important to make sure that you are using the correct one. Since the Need for Speed ProStreet version for the computer is currently sold in a DVD version, you need to have a DVD drive on the computer. If you are working off of an older model of PC, then you might not have a DVD drive on your machine. Even if you have a newer computer, you might have inadvertently placed the disk into the CD drive and not the DVD drive. However, if you have one of the earlier versions that was sold in a CD, make sure that you have placed the disk in the CD drive and that the drivers for it have been updated.

How to Install NFS ProStreet: System Requirements

It's important to make sure that you have the system requirements needed to install and play this game. Check the package that it came in to see if you meet these requirements. Without them, you are not going to be able to install the game onto your computer. In general, you need at least Windows XP or Vista as well as 512 MB of RAM (XP) or 1 MB RAM (Vista). Plus, you need a DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card and video card as well as a Pentium 4 processor or better. Without any one of these requirements, you are going to experience problems with the game.

How to Install NFS ProStreet: Update the DVD Drivers

If you are sure that you are inserting the disk into the DVD drive and you are still experiencing problems, try updating the drivers for it. To do this, you can visit the manufacturer's website for the particular DVD drive that your computer has installed on it.

Pirated Versions of NFS ProStreet

If you have purchased one of the many pirated versions of this game (as in you downloaded it free from the Internet or borrowed it from a friend), you will not be able to install and access the game since you are missing the key that you need to install it. Paid versions of this game only allow one download onto the computer. Therefore, the code is only available during the first installation. If you reformat the computer, you will lose the game and you will not be able to retrieve it. If you buy the game used from someone, you won't get the code that you need to install the game.

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