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MS Fix It Center and Add-ons

I have been having a problem with the MS Fix It Center. I visited the center because Internet Explorer 8 frequently “hangs” during a page download. Sometimes it will eventually respond but most often I get impatient and just close it and try again. A pop-up takes me to the Fix It Center – Automated Troubleshooters for Your PC. The two troublesome “Fix Its” are Internet Explorer Add-On and IE Performance and Safety. When launched, the programs run for a number of seconds and then stop and the error message, “The troubleshooter has experienced an unexpected error and cannot continue” is displayed. The “scan results” indicate that a number of add-ons are “defective.” Any suggestions or is there a better way to detect and repair defective add-ons?

The MS Fix It Center is supposed to help you solve the problems that you are having with your computer; however, it can sometimes have its own troublesome issues due to the existing problems with your computer. With the MS Fix It Center, you are supposed to be able to run the fix and solve the problem almost effortlessly. Unfortunately, it sounds as though this isn’t the case for you.

Standard Strategies to Restore Internet Explorer to Proper Working Order

If you haven’t already tried each of the following strategies, please do so. It is possible that one or more of them is causing your computer problems. Corrupted files, spyware, viruses, and incompatible add-ons can all create problematic issues.

•Clean the registry
•Defrag the computer
•Scan for spyware and viruses
•Make sure that you have the latest update for IE 8
•Clear the Internet Cache
•If you recently updated your IE 8, make sure that you re-enabled your Java add-on.
•Make sure that you don’t have too many tabs open on the browser
•Check to see that you have sufficient memory
•Remove Adobe Flash Player and see if your Internet Explorer works. Make sure you get the latest version when re-installing it.
•Run the Windows uninstaller

Trial and Error Troubleshooting of Add-ons

You may want to boot up in Safe Mode and use IE 8 without any add-ons at all or you can disable all add-ons using these directions:

•Click Start
•Select All Programs
•Select Accessories
•Select System Tools
•Select Internet Explorer (no add-ons)

Now, you can turn your add-ons back on one at a time to try and figure out which one is causing the problem. Most likely, the specific add-on that you added or updated right before the problem began is causing the problems that you are experiencing. Simply turn one disabled add-on back at a time and see what happens when you try to use IE 8 or the MS Fix It Center. If you aren’t currently using an add-on, consider leaving it disabled until you need it.

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