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Mp3Musiq Is it a scam?

Mp3Musiq - Worth spending money on? Is this a scam?

Mp3Musiq is one of the many sites today that offer music and movie downloads using P2P (peer to peer) networks. As the number of these sites has been exploding online, it is becoming harder and harder to tell which services are actually worth it, and which aren't.

Mp3Musiq, however, looks very promising on the outside. The claims made by are that you'll be able to find any file that you're looking for - music or movie. Not only this, but they promise to also provide you with unlimited CD burning software, access to a network of over 250 million users, of which at least 5 million are online at any given time and all this without any problems with spyware and adware. Let's see how Mp3Music stands up to these claims.

You'll be able to find any file that you're looking for

Well, the exact statement on their site is "you're sure to find whatever you're looking for", so I think they give a fairly strong idea that you're guaranteed to find any file on here.

This is a claim that is simply not true.

You might be able to find most of the files out there, but not all by a long shot. this illusion is created by the fact that most people on the P2P networks are looking for content that is rather popular. It is just not accurate to say that you'll be able to find everything. However, you will be able to find quite a bit of content on here, so if you intend on looking for only popular or semi-rare content, you might be alright.

CD Burning software

This is an outright lie too.
None of the members have been able to find any sort of CD burning software in the members area. What is available in the members area is a tutorial about how to burn music on your CDs using Windows Media Player. Not only that, but the tutorials available online for free are probably a lot better than the one back here. So that claim that they provide a CD burning software can be thrown out as a straight up lie.

Access to over 250 million users

This is questionable as no one has the accurate statistics on how many people actually are on the P2P network.

At least five million always online

Again, this is questionable, but it is not the important question. The next important question is that of your computer safety.

No problems with spyware and adware

Well, this is probably the most misleading statement on the site.

More often than not, P2P content contains spyware, adware and other malicious content that if you don't protect yourself against, will result in a computer infection. Now if mp3musiq is implying that the software that they provide you with doesn't contain spyware, then they need to clarify it. The problem is that they don't really provide you with any software themselves. They just give you the links to different free programs, like Limewire, Windows Media Player, and some others.

Any reasons to pay? claims that you are paying for the excellent online support that will help you. Help you do what? That is left up to you to decide. All you are given here are links to free software programs, and some free tutorials that you can find anywhere online easily. The fact that they fail to even the mention the issues with copyrighted material is also very disturbing.

While it is true that file sharing is legal, sharing of copyrighted material via peer networks is still likely illegal and has resulted in many lawsuits. Much of the most popular media online in peer to peer networks is copyrighted, so if you are not careful with what you are downloading, you might be on target for illegal activity.

All in all, Mp3Musiq tries to make money by selling people free information that they can obtain anyway. Not only this, but they also fail to mention the dangers of copyrighted material, the spyware and other malicious content.

As such, it would be best to avoid such as service.

Is it a scam? I think so.

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