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What Program uses the File Extension PPS?

File Extension PPS:

PPS files are associated with the PowerPoint Show Format

PowerPoint Show format (PPS) is a presentation document format, used to create a PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint, supplied by Microsoft, is a presentation program. PowerPoint is also part of the Microsoft Office Suite. As in the case of other software in the Office Suite, PowerPoint is supplied for Windows and Mac OS. It has reached its latest version, MS Office PowerPoint 2007. Today the PowerPoint is the most important and most popular format recognized for presentation purposes. Many major companies, corporations, etc., use PowerPoint as their presentation software.

The PowerPoint presentation is created in pages called slides, which can contain other objects like text, graphics, or even documents in other formats (even independent formats) using Microsoft’s OLE technology.

The PowerPoint was previously a copyrighted product of a software company, Forethought. Microsoft purchased the product and license for $14 million from them, and developed it as their own.

The PowerPoint documents support graphics, animation, slideshow, and text. The PowerPoint Viewer can be used to view the finished PowerPoint presentations. The extension PPT (PowerPoint Template) is an editable presentation file, whereas PPS is for only the show. PPS can also be edited using the PowerPoint application, however, it is optimized for the viewing. So, the PPS files will be less size than the corresponding PPT file.

Attributes of the PPS File Extension:

1. MIME Type: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (used to recognize the format when sent across as attachment in an email).


2. Program ID: Used to identify uniquely, the program for the file extension within the Windows Registry, which is a database of all data and applications in the system.


Properties of the Presentations:

PowerPoint Presentations support Microsoft OLE technology, as do the other applications out there. They can hence include any type of object within their body. Also, the VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) will help make the presentations have the ability to process data, and behave almost like application programs. VBA comes packaged with higher versions of MS Office Suite. There are templates provided by Microsoft supplied with the application, which can be used to create slides. The templates can define the placement of text and other objects. Some templates even give the power of adding statistical diagrams like pyramid, bar graph, Venn diagram, and many others.

The animations supplied by the PowerPoint are of two types: slide animations and transitional animations. There are subtle, moderate, and exciting animations available preset in the application. Besides this, the custom animations can be done for the entry, emphasis, and exit of the objects in a slide. We can also animate the text’s movement. Custom animation can be created by choosing Slideshow from the menu and choosing Custom animation. The animation can be applied to all slides or select few. The transitional animations help decide how the transition from one slide to the next is done.

Besides these, there are many other features supported in PowerPoint presentations. The PowerPoint presentation format, as it has almost become the standard format for presentation, is recognized by also the other platforms like the Mac software, software etc.

Today’s PowerPoint Show is an XML based open format. It is downloadable from the Internet from Microsoft website. XML, the Extensible Markup Language is tomorrow’s format description scheme. It can well enhance the reach and popularity of the PPS documents.

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