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Copying a DVR’s Hard Drive

I own a Panasonic DVD-Recorder, which has a Hitachi Sata 400gb 7200rpm inside. Is it possible to upgrade this HDD to a 1.5tb or 2tb without losing the contents on the original hard drive.Kate Dubensky

DVD-Recorder vs DVR

Off the bat, I'm a little confused about whether you have a DVD-Recorder or a DVR - Digital Video Recorder - as similar as their names are, they are actually very different machines. While both allow you to record video, the DVD-Recorder uses disks and can be easily used to transfer internal data to removable DVD disks. If this is the kind of machine you have, you  can use disks to store all of your saved data and then simply upload the disks to transfer the video data to your new hard drive after it is installed. In this case, you want to be careful that you use DVDs that are enabled to both write and read to down and upload the data.

On the other hand, if you have a DVR machine, things are a little more complicated. The hard drive of your DVR stores all the saved data, the same way that your computer hard drive stores the information you save there. Replacing the hard drive will remove the saved data, but it is possible to copy the DVR hard drive data first so that it will all be on your new hard drive upgrade.

Transfering DVR hard drive data to a computer

Since the DVR is designed to record TV shows and other copyright material for later viewing, it is not equiped with USB ports or disk drives with which to easily make copies of the data. In order to transfer the content of your DVR hard drive to a new hard drive, can use a USB hard drive interface cable, available at most computer retail stores, but you will need to transfer the data to a computer in order to enter commands. However, to connect and transfer, you will need to remove the DVR outer casing and connect directly to the drive. Removing the casing will likely void your warranty, so proceed carefully. You will then have to connect the drive to a computer and use a cloning program to transfer your data to your computer. If you were already planning to have computer technicians replace your hard drive, it is plausible that they can perform the transfer for you while swapping the drives.

If you want to go ahead and attempt to clone your DVR hard drive to a computer, then you can write again with the details of your computer system, and the name of the cloning program you are going to use, like Clonezilla, and we can keep going from there. Good luck!

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