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Linpus Linus getting black screen

I bought an Acer Aspire A0A-110 Linpus Linus Lite for my daughter for Christmas. Yesterday we tried to download something. When asked to restart the computer we did, but once it had restarted after the Acer logo we get a black screen with a cursor and none of the keys will do anything. Help?

Kate DubenskyTroubleshooting Acer Aspire and Linpus Linus Lite

About Linpus Linus

Acer has linked up with Linpus, a little known but well established software developer to offer reasonably priced computers equipped with Linux based operating systems. While Linpus is fairly new in North American and European markets, it has been in the Linux game since the late 1990s. It seems that Linpus Linux Lite is a very minimal system, and that the operating system doesn't offer a graphical user interface (GUI) in the same range as what you might be used to with Windows. Many people who have bought Acer Aspire notebooks have upgraded their computers to the Ubuntu operating system, which is also Linux based, but which offers a more user-friendly design.

Check your System for External Devices or CDs

It sounds as though you have either installed a bad download or there was a power or connection interruption during the download that caused the system to crash. Before troubleshooting the download and the operating system problem, first let's make sure that there isn't a third issue compounding the problem.

If there are any external devices connected to the computer, make sure to remove them. Normally it is important to properly remove the device by quitting its operating software, but since the computer is already powered down, simply remove any connected items. This also goes for any inserted USB connection. Check the CD/DVD disk drive. If there is a disk in the drive, the computer will think that you want it to boot from its installation CD and try to access the disk. If it isn't the installation CD, the computer will get stuck and be unable to boot up normally. If you find anything in the disk drive, remove it and reboot the computer.

Remove the Problematic Download

If possible, you should remove the installation that you added yesterday, right before your problems began. Of course, with a black screen and keys that don't function, this is not a likely solution at this point. However, if for some reason, the computer powers up okay next time, uninstall it. If it is a reliable download, try it again and make sure that there are no interruptions or, if you aren't sure about the download, try finding a similar program from a more reliable source.

Recovery Options

If your computer came with a recovery CD, it may be easier at this point to use it since it's unlikely that your daughter has much data on it to be concerned with. Here's a link to information about an online version of the Acer Aspire One Linpus Linux Lite Recovery CD.

Acer also uses an eRecovery solution on its computers and this may be available on your netbook. Try pressing the ALT key and tapping F10 while the computer boots up. This should load eRecovery if available on this Acer computer. If so, you can choose to restore the system to the factory default, from a user backup, or from a CD or DVD.

Get Advice from your Retailer

It is possible that the issue is with the motherboard. If this is the case, you should get the system back to the retailer as soon as possible as long as it is under warranty. In fact, since this is a brand new computer, you may want to get the retailer involved before doing anything drastic.

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