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File Extensions

What are file extensions and how to deal with them when your files wont open.

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GHL File Extension

What is GHL.EXE?Susan Keenan

Files with .exe extensions are executable files. This means that the files have been designed to perform a specific task that has been specified through encoded instructions. Unlike data files, executable files cannot be read because they have been designed to actually perform an action.

What are GHL.exe Files?

GHL.exe files are components of dangerous malware that have been used to infect computers. They are malicious threats to your computer's security and as such, they should be removed promptly. GHL.exe files are newcomers to cyberspace and due to this fact, not a lot of information is currently available on them.

It is possible that .ghl files are packed in with other software. GHL.exe files have been seen in various sizes as more than one variety exists. In particular, the GHE.exe file has been discovered to be associated with the following malware groups: Malware Dropper and Cloaked Malware. Both of these malware groups are harmful to your computer's operating system and should be removed quickly and thoroughly.

What Do GHL Files Do?

GHL files are added to the registry and set up to auto start and load another program onto your computer. The program that is loaded is typically a form of malware that should not be allowed to remain on your computer. Certain malware programs use files with the .ghl extension in order to hijack a computer, install additional malware, or otherwise inflict harm.

What Programs Should Be Used to Remove GHL Files?

If you suspect that the GHL.exe file on your computer is harmful, you should use an up-to-date anti-spyware/anti-virus application to remove it. If you aren't sure whether or not it is a form of malware, you should scan it to check before installing it.

If you currently have an anti-spyware/anti-virus application on your computer, you should update it before using it to scan your computer for malware. If you do not currently have an anti-spyware/anti-virus application, I can recommend Anti-Virus PLUS. No matter which application you use to remove GHL.exe files, you should reboot and scan your computer again to ensure that you have properly removed it. Remember that this type of file is designed to auto start and the best way to make sure that you have gotten rid of it is to reboot and run your malware removal program again. If it is not successful in removing .ghl files, you should consider using a second anti-spyware/anti-virus application.

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Open 3G2 File

I still cannot open a 3g2 application from a sent e-mail attachment even after paying for the reg cure and removing all problems. What is going on? Susan Keenan

While it is true that errors opening files can be the result of registry errors, there are other reasons that can lead to problems like this. In general, files that have special extensions on them need specific programs to open them. The program you need depends on what file extension is concerned as well as what operating system your machine is using to run.

What are 3G2 Files?

3G2 files are multimedia files. They are associated with 3GPP and 3GPP2 and third generation (broadband mobile) wireless networks utilizing high-speed technology. This type of file generally contains audio and/or video data that has been created for the purpose of delivery and playback. In layman's talk, files with the 3G2 file extension are designed to transmit multimedia files over the Internet. One example of this would be files transmitted by cell phones that use .3g2 files.

What Programs Can Be Used to Open 3G2 Files?

You need to have a specific application installed on your computer in order to open 3G2 Files. This is simply because you need a program that can support the components of the file.

Apple QuickTime Player can be used to open 3G2 files on computers using either a Windows-based operating system or a Mac OS. For computers using a Windows-based OS, a Mac OS, or a Linux-based operating system, you can use VideoLAN VLC Media Player.

If you know that you have the correct application installed on your computer, but you are having difficulty opening the 3G2 file, check to make sure that the program has been selected as the one that is designated to open the file with the 3G2 extension.

What to Do About Problems Using a Specific Program to Open 3G2 Files?

If the program that you are attempting to use to open files with the 3G2 file extension is not doing so, it is possible that you need to update the application.

Are There Any Alternative Programs to Open 3G2 Files?

If you cannot get either Apple QuickTime Player or VideoLAN VLC Media Player to open your 3G2 file, then you do have the option to use an alternative application to do so.

One such program is Xilisoft Video Converter, a form of freeware. The Xilisoft Video Converter can be used to convert quite a few different types of video files including 3G2, 3GP, DVD, MPEG, VCD, MOV, AVI, WMV, MP4, and more. You can also use it to convert video files to audio files.

The ImTOO AVI MPEG Converter can also be used to convert your 3G2 files to AVI. This is a free software download. Other alternatives include: AVS Video Converter and WinXMedia AVI/WMV 3GP Converter. Each of these is a form of freeware that you can download for free.

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Open WMV File

I cannot get a WMV file to open. How can I get it to open?Kate Dubensky

WMV files - also known as Windows Media Video files - are a common file format used to store compressed video content. WMV files, designed by Microsoft, were originally developed for use in online streaming video. Windows Media Video files are most commonly stored in ASF - Advanced Systems Format - using specific Microsoft codecs.

Windows Media Player and WMV Files

Typically, Windows Media Player is used to play WMV files, so if you aren't already trying to open it that way, it is a good place to start. Download the latest release of the Microsoft player here. You also need to make sure that you choose the right version for your operating system.

There are times when Windows Media Player won't open WMV files - for example if they are encoded with xvid or dvix - formats not supported by the player. If this is the case, or if you are getting an error message about missing codecs, you have a few other choices.

Download Missing Codecs

You can run a Google search for a codec pack that will support the file. Codecs are small programs that enable communication between data formats and software programs. There are several reputable codec packs available for free download. Just make sure that you get the right one for your operating system. As always, be careful that you download from a well-used site and choose a file with good user feedback - as well as running a virus check to make sure everything is clean before letting it run on your system.

Download VLC

Otherwise, you can download a different media player. The VideoLAN VLC media player is well known for its ability to play anything. Using this player might get you around a lot of the other hassle. Generally, if VLC can't play a file there is something else going on. Here is the link.

Digital Rights Protection

Proprietary files are sometimes protected with digital rights encryption that prevents them from being opened and played without purchasing the appropriate license. It is possible that you won't be able to open the file in this case unless you buy or otherwise access permission.

I hope this helps, good luck with your file!!

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Open DBK File

How do I open and read a DBK file extension?

What is a DBK File Extension?

Files with the DBK extension are created using PC Suite by Sony Ericsson. They are used to back up phone settings and/or data. Typically, this type of file is considered a container file since it holds data. The data in a DBK file is in compressed format, so it needs a special program to open it.

Open DBK File Extension: Use PC Suite

If you still have access to your phone, you can use the PC Suite program to restore these phone files so that you can access them on your phone.

Open DBK File Extension: Unzip the File

The DBK files are saved in formats similar to ZIP files. Therefore, you should be able to open them by unzipping them. Several applications can be used to unzip files including WinZip, WinRAR, and ZigZag. If you don't have one of these applications installed, search for them online and choose one to install so that you can use it to open the DBK files holding your phonebook contacts.

I advise you to make a backup of the DBK file before attempting to open it this way. Change the file extension from .dbk to .zip on the Sony phone file if it does not automatically open using one of these applications.

How to Change the dbk File Extension from .dbk to .zip

Follow these steps or some variation of them to change the extension of your phone files.

1)   Open Windows Explorer.

2)   Select Tools, Folder Options, and View. In the dialog box that opens, unmark the box in front of "Hide extensions for known file types."

3)   Select OK.

4)   Right click on the .dbk file and select "Rename."

5)   Type in the name of the file with the .zip extension and select the enter key.

Open DBK File Extension: Use Open Office

Other types of DBK files are dBase backup files that you should be able to open using the database program in Open Office. If you do not have Open Office installed already, simply install it from the Internet before trying to open this type of DBK file. You will not be able to use open Office to open your phone files, but if you encounter this type of file elsewhere, you'll know how to open them.

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Working with Thumbnail Files

In my "Pictures" folder, I keep getting files with the extension: Windows can't open these. Can I safely delete them? What are they? Celeste Stewart

Thumbnail Files

If you've ever played around with the different views in Windows Explorer, you'll have seen thumbnail files in action. For example, when looking at your "My Pictures" folder, you can change the view to show just the filename, date, and other details or you can see small "previews" of the photos. These previews are thumbnails. They are thumbnail-sized representations of the larger photo.

ZbThumbnail Files

The file is related to thumbnail files, though it is more of an index of thumbnail files. This file is generated by Canon's ZoomBrowser Ex software. When your Canon photos are transferred to a folder on your computer, the ZoomBrowser EX software creates this file which contains information about the thumbnail images stored within the folder.

Deleting the File

The file can be deleted without adversely affecting the photos in the My Pictures folder. However, deleting it isn't necessary. Plus, ZoomBrowser Ex will create a new file the next time you use the software.

If seeing this file bothers you, you may be able to hide it from view by changing the Folder Options settings. Do this by going into Windows Explorer and clicking the Organize button followed by Folder and Search Options in Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you have Windows XP, go to Windows Explorer and then click on Tools > Folder Options. Now, click on the View tab and scroll to the Hidden Files and Folders section. Make sure that "Don't show hidden files, folders, or drives" option is marked.  

The file is harmless and can be left on your computer. There's no need to open the file as the file is not meant for general viewing. If you do delete the file, no harm will occur (though you may not see previews of your photos) and the file will be regenerated the next time you use the ZoomBrowser Ex software. This is one of those file types that is best left alone.  

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Opening PVF Files

I downloaded PVF files from the US and they are in ‘My Pictures', but I cannot access them.Kate Dubensky

Opening Unknown File Formats

There are thousands of file formats - that include different extensions to identify them - that are usually associated with a specific program or family of programs. For example, the ubiquitous DOC extension refers to document files created and saved with the Microsoft Word word processing program. If you were asking me how to open DOC files, I would suggest you use Word. Since I am not sure what your PVF files are and they are not an overly popular format, I can try offering you some generic advice that I hope will help.

PVF Files

There are a few different programs that use the PVF file extension - but they are not very well used - so without knowing what kind of files you are trying to open I can only estimate a solution. However, since the files are stored to your My Pictures folder we can likely assume that they are image files. If you know what program the PVF files are associated with, I suggest using that application to open them. Open the program you want to try - then use the toolbar menu and see if you have an option to open a file.

PVF File Formats and Programs

Assuming your PVF files are images helps to rule out a few other possibilities, such as files related to WinAmp, which is a common user of the PVF extension.

Some programs that are compatible with Adobe formats also use PVF files. If you know the program that should open the files, you can try using or re-installing that software to make sure that it is not corrupted or out of date. If you use programs like Adobe or a ProStitch program - which can both open PVF files, but different kinds - check with the manufacturer for any available updates you might be missing. If you are getting an error message when you try to open your files, please write again and include some details about the error.

Alternate Issues

If this advice doesn't address your question, please write again and provide some details about where you downloaded the files and what kind of files they are.

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