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Unreadable Text on Computer

I turned my computer on and all the text is unreadable. I think it is machine code. I am writing this on another partition of my HDD but my main partition is unusable. I have tried system restore but this does not change my computer back to how it was.

Cannot Read Text on Computer

Garbled text is difficult to diagnose, especially since no one thing results in it. It does seem as though you are off to a good start though. System restore is a terrific utility that generally does reset the computer back to the way it was an earlier time. However, since this isn’t the case, you are going to need to do a bit of troubleshooting.

Boot Windows using Safe Mode

Try booting up in “Safe Mode” by pressing the F8 key as soon as the boot screen appears when you power up. If possible, log in as the administrator. Once you are in, run an anti-virus application to make sure that your computer isn’t infected with some insidious form of malware. If you can’t locate anything because of the garbled text, open up your browser (Internet Explorer or whatever) simply by looking for the small icon that is used to represent it on your desktop. Once you have it open, launch an online anti-virus application. Remove any malware that is found on your machine.

Unreadable Text Due to Bad Sectors on Hard Drive

It is possible that your hard drive has gone completely bad or it has several bad sectors on it. One of the facts that point to this is that you can use a different partition of the HDD with no problems whatsoever. If you can follow these directions, do so to check the status of your hard drive. You need to open “My Computer” and select the hard drive that is giving you trouble. Next, right click on it and select “Properties.” Now, select “Tools” from the top of the menu and begin the error checking status utility.

Additional Troubleshooting

You can take the primary hard drive out of the PC and put it into another one to see if it works on that machine. If it does, then you know the problem is not with the hard drive.

Update all of the existing software and drivers on your computer for your graphics and operating system.

Consider taking the computer for a complete overhaul.

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