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Yahoo Password Retrieval Tips

Is there a way to get my password to Yahoo without remembering me security questions or my alternate e-mail?
I changed it yesterday and don't remember it
.Susan Keenan

Unfortunately, there is little you can do if you cannot remember your security question's answers, and you did not provide an alternate email address.

Software Applications
Designed to Retrieve Passwords

Several different applications are available for the
retrieval of forgotten passwords in email applications. If you decide to use
one of these applications, I suggest you research them first in order to verify
they are legitimate. You should also check to see if Yahoo is one of the
applications they claim they can retrieve passwords for.

Trying to Remember
Your Yahoo Password or Security Question Answer

I suggest doing a bit of guessing at this point just in case
you are lucky enough to chance upon your password or security question answer.
I do know people who were able to remember after a bit of trial-and-error. Many
people add numbers, symbols, or switch up the capitalization of the letters in
their passwords. Try using different variations of the old password first. You
can also try visualizing the moment when you actually changed the password with
your eyes closed as you try to remember every detail. Perhaps this will trigger
a memory recall for you.

Resetting Yahoo
Password with Mobile Phone Number

However, if you have a mobile phone number attached to your
account, you can use the following directions. Visit the "Sign-in Problems"
page with the following pieces of information: your Yahoo ID and your mobile
phone number. Provide the appropriate information in each field. Once you
submit the information, you should receive a text with a link that allows you
to reset your password.

Resetting Yahoo
Password with Alternate Email Address

If you do have an alternate email and just didn't want to
use it, you might have to do so if you want to get your password back or change
it entirely. Visit the page for "Sign-in Problems" with your Yahoo ID and your
alternate email address. Fill in the appropriate information. Once you submit
the information, you should receive an email with a link that allows you to
create a new password.

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