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Review of AN Hosting

AN Hosting Review: A Personal Experience with AN Hosting

I have been using AN Hosting as my web host for a little over a year now, and I was initially shocked to find some negative comments about AN Hosting.  Personally, I have been well treated and supported throughout my contract with them, and I have got nothing but good reviews for them. 

Compared to other web hosting companies, AN Hosting can be considered as a fairly new but very reliable web hosting company.  AN Hosting started providing web hosting services since the earlier part of 2001.  Based in Chicago, and due to its success, this web host service provider  now has two business offices both in the Chicago and the Kentucky areas. 

AN Hosting Offers just 2 Plans

AN Hosting only offers two web hosting plans called the Mega Plan and the Mega Plan Plus and both are tagged as an all inclusive plan.  The Mega Plan is valued at an affordable cost of $7.95 a month and if you want to upgrade your account, you just have to pay an additional fee of $3.00 a month and you’ll be automatically upgraded to the Mega Plan Plus program.  AN Hosting’s all inclusive Mega Plan web hosting service consists of these main features: 250,000 MB Private Disk Storage, 250,000 MB Data Transfer or Bandwidth, hosting of 20 domains on a single account, Free domain for Life, 2,000 FTP accounts, unlimited MySQL databases and 19 add on domains.  Apart from the Windows and Unix hostings, AN Hosting also offers a VPN of Virtual Private Network server package deal.

AN Hosting Features of Importance

I’ve taken the initiative of providing you with this extensive list of the main and additional features that the Mega Plan package deal has to offer.  Email features include: unlimited email accounts, unlimited auto responders, IMAP, POP3, SMTP support, Webmail support and Spam Assassin.  Databases and scripting features include: PHP, unlimited My SQL databases, RoR or Ruby on Rails, Python, CGI-BIN, CGI library, Full .htaccess control, SSI or Server Side included, Custom CRON jobs, MIME types and IP banning.  Additional features include: Fantastico (lots of free scripts and big savings), easy to use, point and click website builder (with no programming skill required), blogging tools such as WordPress and Mambo, Guestbook, PHP Nuke, FormMail, Image gallery, PHP BB, online form builder, OS commerce shopping cart, Agora shopping cart, Cube cart shopping cart, Zen cart shopping cart, Free Self Signed SSL certificates, Webalizer, Sub domain stats, Cisco powered network, Dual Core Dual Opteron servers, SC SI, RAID-5 technology, Diesel generator back up, storage back ups and a Control Panel.

AN Hosting Advertising Credits

Aside from those features, you can also avail of various Advertising credits that amount to a total of $120 Ad credits.  The Mega Plan advertising credits are from Yahoo where you can get $50 Ad credit, Google where you can get $25 Ad credit, Enhance Search credit where you can get $25 Ad credit and Search 1-2-3 Credit where you can get $20 Ad credit.  The difference between the Mega Plan package deal and the Mega Plan Plus is the cost.  The cost differs because of the additional features you receive when you upgrade your account to a Mega Plan Plus.  To avail of this, you must first shell out $3 more a month.  The extra cost gives you more additional features you won’t get with the Mega Plan package deal.  These are: 300,000 MB Private Disk Storage as opposed to the Mega Plan’s 250,000 MB, 500,000 MB of Data Transfer / Bandwidth double the size of the Mega Plan’s 250,000 MB.  The hosting of 30 domains on one account, plus ten domains from the Mega Plan’s Hosting of 20 domains on one account and 4,000 FTP accounts, double the amount of the Mega Plan’s 2,000 FTP accounts. 

AN Hosting Guarantee

Both the Mega Plan and the Mega Plan Plus also offer guarantees for your money.  The guarantees are the 99.9% Uptime guarantee and the 30 day Money Back guarantee.  Because AN Hosting claims to give their clients “the ideal hosting experience”, they guarantee clients that use their web hosting services a 99.9% Uptime guarantee which means that their uptime will never falter and drop below 99.9%.  The 30 day Money Back guarantee ensures clients that if you are not satisfied in AN Hosting’s services, you can actually get a refund and get your money back with no questions asked.  They will not ask you why you don’t like their services but instead work on getting you back your money.

AN Hosting Customer Support is 24/7

The AN Hosting round the clock customer support offers you three alternatives: the 24/7 phone support, the Live Chat by Live Person support and the email or ticketing center support.  The phone support is pretty much self explanatory; you call AN Hosting’s customer support line and ask the customer representatives whatever questions, inquiries or problems you have.  The Live Chat by Live Person support is an online client support system that allows clients to chat about their inquiries with customer representatives via a chat room specifically for AN Hosting clients.  The email or ticketing center is you guessed it, conducted over email.  Here you can email them or send a support ticket about your queries and they email you back with the answers or solutions to your problems. 

Legitimate Awards for AN Hosting

AN Hosting has provided vital information on their site about numerous awards granted to them for their dependability and reliability as a web hosting company.  The awards were granted by various prominent websites that have made their mark from reviewing lots of web hosting companies for people looking for web hosts.  AN Hosting’s awards include: Hosting – Review’s Best Unix and Linux Hosting Provider for 2006, Webhost Directory awardee for Best Unix Web Hosting Company in July 2006, Editor’s Pick award from Hosting – Review, approved host, CNET Certified Service Provider, Top Ten Host on February 2003, #1 Frontpage Supporting Web Hosting provider, 2003’s Top 25 Hosts by, Top 15 Web Host by for August 2003, Top Web Host of the Month, #1 Unix Web Hosting Provider, Top 5 Web Host from, #2 Host from the,  CNET User Recommended Award, Top Web Host by, Top 5 Web Host by and Best Web Host Award by Web Hosting Directory.  With these numerous accolades, AN Hosting is considered an award winning service provider that lives up to its clients standards. 

AN Hosting is Affordable and Competitively priced

Paying AN Hosting’s fee of $7.95 a month is one thing I’ll never regret.  Where else can you find a web hosting company with an all inclusive plan for a very affordable price? Furthermore, their 99.9% Uptime guarantee really lives up to their word.  I learned from a reliable source however that the 30 – day Money Back Guarantee is not 100%, meaning that if you cancel your subscription to AN Hosting’s services you don’t get to refund all your money but instead you lose the $21.95 registration fee for your free domain name but you can still keep the domain name even you unsubscribe to AN Hosting. 

AN Hosting Favorite Feature

A favorite feature of mine is AN Hosting’s Control Panel.  Suffice it to say that I have had difficulty with other web hosting companies’ control panel because it was just too hard to figure out, they were complicated and not very user friendly.  With AN Hosting’s control panel however, it is highly modified, it is uncomplicated and has an eminent icon based interface and user friendly. 

Support Systems

I’ve tried all support systems of AN hosting and I must say that they all work.  Not only do they deliver fast and to the point but they are readily available.  The customer representatives are very friendly and hospitable that even when you call at 2 in the morning, they don’t sound sleepy or discouraging to the customer.  When I was just first starting out with AN Hosting, I was not very familiar with the other features I availed of so I decided to try the phone support.  I had a minor problem with installing a software of mine and a customer representative was able to support me with my problem and that was past 12 in the morning! They walk you through every possible problem you may have and give additional tips and information on how to avoid future problems.  The customer representative knowing that I was new to AN Hosting even offered to walk me through the installation and what-have-yous of the other features of the Mega Plan package.   Even though I pretty much figured out the stuff by myself, I indulged the customer representative.  You never know, I might have missed something out. 

AN Hosting Review in Summary

I hope that after reading this review you would give AN Hosting’s services a chance, considering the fact that they have only been in the business since 2001 and have garnered numerous citations from reputable sources.  Believe me; I am not getting paid for reviewing them in a positive light.  It’s just my way of extending my gratitude to the AN Hosting Team for taking care of me and making me feel that I am not alone in my venture.  It is also to further encourage them to always maintain their optimum performance and reliability. 

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