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No Longer Able to Connect to Netgear

I used to be able to connect to Netgear and I have no service now. I can't get on with my laptop, it asks me for a security key, what can I do?Kate Dubensky

Retrieving and Resetting Netgear Wireless Routers

Alright, I am going to assume a few things to address this question -- first, that you are trying to connect your laptop to a Netgear wireless router, and second, that you are actually the legitimate user of this router and the Internet connection it provides. If this isn't the case, and a wireless Internet connection that you usually access is suddenly requiring a password, it is more than likely that the registered user decided to secure the connection to prevent people from hopping on. Encrypting the wireless signal keeps unauthorized computers off  -- which improves security and speed for the registered user.

To recover or reset your security key, since you aren't able to connect wirelessly to the Internet, you are going to need to connect your laptop to the router with an Ethernet cable. You will need a connection in order to retrieve your security key.

  • 1. Once online, use a browser search to open the Netgear dashboard; the address is
  • 2. This page should prompt you for your user name and password. ***The default setttings for the user name and password are admin and password or 1234.
  • 3. Once admitted, choose the Setup tab from the menu and then choose Wireless Settings
  • 4. Next, choose Security Options
  • 5. In the box labelled Passphrase, you will see your router's security key, copy it down
  • 6. If there is nothing showing in the box, you can highlight and delete the text and then enter a new security key, and click Apply.
  • 7. With this information, you should be able to enter the security key, or passphrase and gain permission for new computer's to join the wireless network.
  • 8. To make a personalised security that is easier to remember, simply change the text in the Passphrase box and then click Apply.

Appeal to Netgear Customer Support

If this fails, you have a couple of options. One is to phone the Netgear customer support and try to troubleshoot the connection with a representative there. They can get more precise details about your system and connection, as well as retrieve or reset lost or unknown user names, passwords and other keys.

Reset your Router to Factory Settings

There is also a reset button on the back of the router. You also have the option of pressing this and returning the router to factory settings. The user name will be admin and the password will be either password or 1234. You will still need an Ethernet cable to connect, and resetting the router will delete any saved settings. Once you have recovered access, you will need to re-apply your security settings using the same steps as above and entering a new security key to protect your network.

I hope this helps!

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