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MMS Virus Symptoms

What would a MMS virus look like? Maybe like this: #x&>$:)!x#xxzvxzc@!?Celeste Stewart

What are MMS Viruses?

MMS viruses are viruses that infect cell phones, typically spreading through Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and Bluetooth connections. Though the target (cell phones) and deliver methods (MMS) are different, MMS viruses aren't unlike computer viruses that spread through email systems. Like an email virus, an MMS virus arrives as an attachment that must be executed before the virus can launch.

What Do MMS Viruses Look Like?

Like computer viruses, MMS viruses can display different messages in the originating message and may use different types of attachments in order to trick users into clicking. For example, the Locknut.B mms virus arrived with an .SIS attachment and pretended to be a Symbian patch. If you happened to own a mobile phone running the Symbian operating system, you may have fallen for this trick, clicked the .SIS attachment, and infected your cell phone!

Is a message with "#x&>$:)!x#xxzvxzc@!" a MMS virus? Maybe yes, maybe no. If you receive any message with junky or untrustworthy text and an attachment, don't click the attachment! Besides, how important can an attachment be if it's accompanied with garbled text?

Preventing MMS Viruses

The same general guidelines apply to MMS viruses as email viruses:

  • Never open unexpected/unsolicited attachments
  • Never open attachments from someone you don't know
  • Never open suspicious attachments (and #x&>$:)!x#xxzvxzc@! qualifies as suspicious)
  • Install security software for your cell phone

In addition to the general guidelines, you should turn off Bluetooth "discoverable" mode when you're not using it because MMS viruses use Bluetooth to find discoverable cell phones nearby to infect. Complete strangers within your phone's range could have infected cell phones and if your phone is discoverable, you could get an MMS virus sent via Bluetooth.

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