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1&1 Internet Web Hosting Review

1&1 Internet Ltd. UK Web Hosting Review

1&1 Internet Hosting for Websites - Web Hosting Dominance Founded on Stability

Webhosting providers are not equal. You need to look around for the one pioneering company with experience in the internet industry who will serve your needs at competitive pricing and the best service you can get from the world’s largest hosting company – 1&1 Internet.

1&1 Internet continues to extend its dominance in the hosting market with consolidation and acquisition of dedicated hosting servers and companies. In the UK, 1&1 Internet is also the dominant hosting and domain registration provider. It is imperative that hosting dominance should be propped up by financial stability and profitability because it is more difficult to stay on top than to get there. Thus, you must be assured that the hosting service that you choose will serve and protect your website for a long time at guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Speed, Power and Reliability Serving the World

The reliability of your services and products directly depend on your host. The trust that you endow to your host directly reflects the trust that your clients and customers give you. The speed, power and value given to you by the most trusted host worldwide come in terms of webspace and traffic that come from powerful high-end dedicated and virtual servers – the most advanced hosting technology available. 6.5 million customers around the world cannot be wrong.

1&1’s redundancies and fail-safes are intentionally compounded to assure you real uptime and not merely conceptual connectivity. The systems and their redundancies are so constructed so that the whole is more than the mathematical sum of its parts. The strategic infrastructure of huge high-quality backup generators, on-site and off-site multiple hard drives, reliable routers and high-powered cooling units with high-capacity gel battery power banks maintain the operation of the fleet of high-end servers, backbone and carriers, notwithstanding the conditions of the weather and the power supply grid.

Dependable Advanced Technology Data Centers

Dependability in information storage depends not only on reliable technology but also on top security infrastructure. Besides keeping your website running around the clock through automated support systems, 1&1 Internet keeps your valuable data safe through 24/7 monitoring by specialist technicians and permanent camera video recording bolstered by on-site physical security in safety locks and authorized personnel only access. 1&1 monitoring and protection rely on constant and regular real-time analysis, review, and maintenance for all clients in order to avoid breakdown in connectivity, redundancy or power.

The reliable advanced technology, shielded by a high security system, provides powerful, fast and consistent global connectivity to 1&1 Internet customers and higher interaction and access to more website users than most packages being offered in the market. This same structure provides the company with innovation capabilities, allowing it to offer a wide range of web products. When it comes to internet hosting, fast and reliable connectivity is the sole measure. Downtime always adversely affects business as much as it does credibility.

The Best Value with the Best Plans

The 1&1 Internet affordable shared hosting packages beginning with the budget level at €1.99 a month present liberal webspace, e-mail and traffic capacity to go with unique features such as 1&1Blog and SMS Manager, Google Sitemaps, to name a few. A wide range of services are available from Instant Domain and Instant Website plans to the more extensive all-inclusive Shared Hosting packages with prepared eShops, all run on powerful dedicated servers. These services can be modified to fit every need, skill level and budget.

To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, 1&1 provides 60-day money back trial at no risk on the part of the customer before finalization of hosting purchase commitment. This guarantee applies to all hosting packages and the dissatisfied customer may terminate his account and receive his refund – no questions asked – less excess monthly traffic, if any.
To the technically inclined user, the advanced technology virtual and dedicated server plans are available using dual and quad core processor systems and high server connection speed. Virtual server plans provide you with large traffic and disk space with free virtual server software. Reliable leading technology power the 1&1 dedicated server packages. Both types of server plans utilize fully tuned state of the art server hardware with high speed Juniper and Cisco routers to give you unparalleled website performance.
The strategic combinations and partnerships with manufacturers and service providers like Microsoft, Google, Plesk, Symantec and HP/Compaq provide you with competitive edge unavailable elsewhere.

Simple and Secure Account Management

DNS, e-mail and web-mail accounts are managed directly from a single location through the secure 1&1 Control panel. From the Control Panel, all matters relating to DNS management and organization may be made with flexibility, including registration, transferring, adding and masking of domains. You are, thus, able to point your domain names to any static IP address or hostname, point your domain to name servers, use a name server as a backup, and among other things, you can customize to your requirements your users, servers and locations. Through domain masking, it is possible to optimize the chances of reaching your domain by speculative visitors. You can easily register your own and your client’s domains through the Instant Domain page. Without additional fees, 1&1 provides domain transfer assistance into the normal fee.

With your shared hosting package comes e-mail service in both IMAP and POP3 which you can customize and configure with personal addresses, sub domains and other features such as auto-responder, forwarding, spam filter and virus scan tools. You can also avail of an e-mail only account from 1&1 Internet Ltd. 1&1 e-mail service is assuredly reliable, safe and fast. 1&1 Webmail is a free and special e-mail feature that allows you access to your important e-mails in specific POP3 boxes through any PC with internet access anywhere in the world without needing separate software.

Monitoring and feedback through 1&1 Webstatistics and direct user contact through In2Site Live Dialogue Plus are available to optimize your webpages and e-business. Data on your websites’ visitors, popular pages and related data are automatically gathered and available for your own analysis and use to improve site navigation and performance. The In2Site tool is a functionality upgrade feature that allows simultaneous interaction through chat with up to five different domains and compiles visitor or user queries and dialogues in a database.

Performance and Marketing Optimization Tools Provided

The key to success in the internet environment is the collection and utilization of information. 1&1 Internet provides its customers with the 1&1 FormBuilder which is useful in designing appealing surveys to use in voting and question and answer pages. The ready templates can be modified to fit your web design and purpose. The contacts and information gathered are stored in a database that you can analyze and use for your business purposes. The FormsBuilder can create other forms with versatility such as leads information, feedback and order forms, information requests and invitations, limited only by your creativity.

A crucial requirement of modern business is interaction with the customers. The effective way to interact with your customers and the visitors of your website is through the 1&1 E-mail Marketing Tools which allow you to customize your webpages so that you can provide information on your products and event and receive feedback. This tool helps you create newsletters and automatically send them to registered members and visitors.

Creativity is the only way to draw customers and visitors to your website. By creating stunning websites, you are ahead of the competition and by regularly improving your site, you keep ahead of the competition. The best web audio-visual presentations utilize flash animation. With the easy to use 1&1 DynamicSiteCreator, you can build flash sites from templates and animated graphics, even without programming skills. Your best animation and interactive pages intrigue and excite your visitors and keep them coming back.

The 1&1 Webspace Explorer allows you to manage and facilitate the publication of your site over an internet browser using your Control Panel through roaming access. Through the Webspace Explorer you can categorize and administer your website files, including uploading and downloading, deleting, copying and moving, packing and unpacking files or change their user rights.

Assured Computer Threat Security and Encryption

The serious harm brought by viruses in the internet is an accepted fact and no hosting provider ignores this. The CarrierScan Server use effective Symantec antivirus solutions to shield its systems from malicious codes. Symantec protection engines provide early protection of threats on a 24/7 basis. Virus damage affects not only productivity but also your service and reputation.
Sensitive data are intended only for specific recipients. 1&1 Internet assure safe transition of critical information through the use of key encryption system which uniquely pinpoint the parties to the transactions and makes the exchange unintelligible to anyone outside of the communication loop as part of the shared hosting package. The Smart Seal Security or Secure Sockets Layer Certificate guarantee users and customers of the encryption and authentication that removes the risk of transmission over open network. The GeoTrust partnership provides the online identity and trust service of authentication and protection to both you and your customer from receiving questionable data.

The shared hosting and e-shop packages available from ride on state of the art technology infrastructure, tools and protection. Any personal or business hosting requirement is assured of profit and satisfaction with 1&1 Internet Ltd UK.

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