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What is Rocket French?

Rocket French

Learn to Speak French in No Time with Rocket French!

Many people dream of learning to speak the French language as fluently as a resident of France itself.  They have many different reasons.  Some dream of a romantic trip to Paris and being able to order pastries in little side-street bistros in faultless French.  Some hope to move to a French-speaking country and would like to be able to communicate perfectly upon arrival.  Some deal with French-speaking people at work or for a private business and hope to negotiate more effectively by speaking the same language as their business associates.  Some are studying French in school but are frustrated by the slow and laborious teaching methods and long for an easier way to study the language.  Some only want to look impressive in French restaurants.  Whatever the reason, many people dream of one day fluently speaking this romantic language.  But most of us don’t have the years it usually takes to learn a language so well, and many give up in frustration.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take years to learn how to speak French.  Believe it or not, it is possible to learn to speak, write, and read French like a native, and it doesn’t have to take years.  Instead, you can learn this beautiful language far faster than you ever dreamed, using the revolutionary Rocket French language program.

Rocket French is designed to assist people at all levels, from beginner to advanced French student, to improve their spoken and written French skills.  This will not only improve your ability to speak French one-on-one with native French speakers, but will also enhance your ability to understand French media including movies, television programs, web sites, magazines, newspapers and books.  You will also learn to write in French, and translate between French and English quickly and easily.

If you have ever attempted to learn French, either in a foreign language class or using an at-home study program, you’ve probably been frustrated with the slow rate of progress and the boring repetitive method used to teach the language.  However, rote memorization of lists of vocabulary words or grammar rules is not the best way to teach French and it certainly does not guarantee that the student will still retain and easily remember the information weeks or months later.  These programs seem almost designed to force students to give up in frustration.  Luckily, Rocket French is a vastly different program, employing innovative techniques to help students pay attention and learn the language in a way that is quick, easy and fun.

Rocket French’s extraordinary program is laid out in an easy-to-follow step by step manner.  The program includes 45 lessons, each lasting a full two hours, using a unique software program.  The software is supported by more than 3000 audio files which allow students to listen to native French speakers and practice speaking French along with the recordings, assisting students to more quickly master the intricacies of pronunciation and accent.  The program also offers 788 activities and exercises designed to teach French skills as quickly and efficiently as possible, as well as highly engaging learning games to support what the student has learned using the program.

Since the program is broken down into very small, east to manage components, you can learn to speak French at your own pace in whatever time increments are available to you.  Furthermore, the audio files, innovative exercises and supplemental learning games provide a complete approach to learning that can assist you in learning to speak French at an advanced level in under three months.

Additionally, Rocket French does not bog students down with overly formalized or traditional French usage and phrases that are not even used anymore by native French speakers!  Instead, Rocket French provides an understanding of timely and modern phrases and up to date usage of the language so that you can communicate better and be more easily understood by native French speakers.

The innovative audio files are excellent professional recordings demonstrating correct usage and pronunciation.  Rocket French provides you with 3189 audio tracks in all, consisting of more than seven hours of perfectly pronounced French to assist students with their lessons.  These audio files are provided in the form of MP3 files, so that no audio device other than your own personal computer or Mac is required to listen and learn from them immediately.  Additionally, these MP3 files can be recorded to a CD or downloaded to an MP3 player so that you can take your French lessons anywhere.  How many other foreign language lessons can be learned in your car during a commute to and from work, for while exercising?  The portability of this program is one of the unique features that makes it a superior product to other foreign language programs on the market.  Even the engaging exercises and activities do not need to be completed while sitting in front of your computer screen; instead, these exercises are fully printable and can be taken with you anywhere!

The three engaging MegaFrench games are designed to supplement the lessons and help to assist you in retaining each aspect of the lessons.  These refreshing games even include a customizing feature which allows you to add your own pictures or words to make the games all your own.  They include MegaVocab, designed to increase your French vocabulary in a fun and stimulating way; MegaAudio, designed to increase your ability to recognize and identify French words and phrases as they are spoken to you; and MegaVerbs, designed for intermediate and advanced French students, to assist you in getting a grip on the sort of information almost always included in French language tests and exams.  This is a particularly useful program for those new college students who are hoping to test out of boring French classes; this is your chance!  These games make learning more fun and entertaining than what you may have come to expect from boring foreign language classes or dry French learning texts.  Not only do they help to support the lessons you are learning in the Rocket French program and help support your retention of the material, they also make the lessons far more exciting than the type of French class you may have come to expect.  This will help you to stay excited about learning and keep coming back to Rocket French to learn more and more about this romantic language until you are as fluent as a native French speaker.

As a bonus, Rocket French is now also being offered with a bonus game, MegaCards, completely free.  This game is a memory game with phrases, pictures or words printed on each card with which you can test your recall while also enhancing your familiarity with French words and phrases.  This includes both the MegaCards Beginners Series and the MegaCards Advanced Series, which will allow you to continue to use the game as your knowledge of the French language increases.
After purchasing Rocket French, users will also be given access to the twenty newsletters including additional realistic French dialogue as well as additional activities and exercises. 

Even better, if you choose, Rocket French can be downloaded to your computer over the internet.  This means that you can have the entire Rocket French program in your possession and be learning French only minutes from now if you wish!  If you select this option, you will be able to access later software upgrades and additional alterations to maintain an understanding of the most current colloquialisms in France.

If you aren’t certain whether Rocket French is the right program for you, the developer of Rocket French has offered an excellent way to try out the Rocket French methods for free.  By visiting the website rocketfrench , you will be able to partake of an excellent opportunity to download a six day course in the French language absolutely free.  Just like Rocket French, this free six day course includes audio files of conversations by native French speakers, allowing students to follow along and speak French along with the audio track.  This introduction to the French language is offered at no cost and no obligation, and allows you to have a taste of Rocket French prior to making a purchase.

If you still are not one hundred percent certain that Rocket French is for you, you can still order the Rocket French program without worry.  Rocket French is offered with a complete money back guarantee for sixty days after purchase.  This means that you can purchase the Rocket French program and use it for two months to study the French language.  If after that time you decide for any reason that this is not the right foreign language learning product for you, you can receive a full refund of the purchase price.  Furthermore, the developer of Rocket French is so certain that Rocket French is the most complete French language program for the best possible price, that if you find another program with the same features or better for a better price, you will be given a copy of Rocket French completely free.  You have nothing to lose.

Many people regret not having learned the gorgeous French language, but worry that they don’t have sufficient time or energy to such an endeavor.  With Rocket French, you can learn to speak French in under three months, and enjoy all the benefits of speaking this extraordinary language!

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