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What is Click Ad Equalizer?

Click Ad Equalizer

Take Your Affiliate Program to the Next Level with Click Ad Equalizer!

Tired of wasting time and money on lackluster affiliate marketing programs? Are you constantly a day late and a dollar short on your campaigns? Do you keep getting suckered into investing in oversaturated and unsuccessful niches? If you answered yes to any of the above, don't be discouraged. While affiliate marketing is without question one of the most lucrative endeavors on the Internet, it is still a tricky market to navigate. Products, services and niches change almost every single day, and it is very easy for an affiliate to be unclear about what direction to go in. Before you throw your hands up in frustration, there is some very good news for you. The solution to all of your problems is just one click away! New technology and software now makes it possible to navigate just about any affiliate program and only select the most profitable keywords and campaigns. Click Ad Equalizer is one of the most innovative e-business products on the market today and takes all the guesswork our of affiliate marketing.

Click Ad Equalizer will help take your affiliate program to the next level by helping you identify the test keywords, showing you which affiliate programs you should work for and letting you know which products are selling.

Click Ad Equalizer Locates the Best Keywords for Your Affiliate Campaign

If you want to have any chance at all of running a successful affiliate program, you must choose your keywords carefully. You must be able to use keywords to your advantage if you want to attract potential buyers. You only have a few lines of text to get your message across so it is very important that you make each and every word count. If you use redundant, unclear or vague language to describe the products or services you are advertising, your ads will not rank very high on the search engines and the few people who actually do see your ad will have little incentive to click on it. If you want to maximize your conversions, it is very important that you use only the most descriptive and relevant keywords for your products. Click Ad Equalizer is one of the bet resources on the market for helping affiliates with keyword selection and research. With just the push of a button, Click Ad Equalizer conducts a massive search for the most profitable and successful keywords and delivers the results to you within seconds! This will save you a considerable amount of time and money, since you no longer have to sift through several different databases looking for keywords. Click Ad Equalizer also lets you know what products and services are selling for each keyword and which keywords bring in the most money for your products.

Click Ad Equalizer will also help you get the best keywords for your ads with virtually no competition! If you have been in the affiliate marketing business for a while, you may already be aware of just how difficult it is to avoid stiff competition and bitter bidding wars over the same limited list of available keywords. The reason for this is that when different affiliates are running campaigns on similar products and services at the same time, they have a tendency to use (or strongly want to use) similar language and words for their advertisements and affiliate sites. Since there are only a limited number of keywords to go around, and they are usually sold on a first-come, first-served basis, the best and most common keywords are often in extremely high demand among affiliates. Many affiliates have to compete with thousands of affiliates over the same words and if they are too late, they have a very limited amount of keywords to choose from. Heavy keyword competition also creates another problem; high demand drives up the price for the most commonly sought keywords, so even if you are lucky enough to beat out thousands of affiliates for the right keywords for your affiliate campaign, you will most likely have to pay a very pretty penny.

Click Ad Equalizer will help you beat out the competition ...

by providing comprehensive, up to the minute lists of keywords that are just as effective as the more expensive ones that other affiliates don't even know about! And since you are getting lists of words that are not in as high demand or as commonly used, you also avoid wasting money on oversaturated keywords, a very common and costly mistake among affiliate marketers.

Not only does Click Ad Equalizer's research tools help you to avoid competition and high prices, but they also help you make sure that you will select keywords that will generate the most profit and revenue. It provides in-depth information on how many conversions or sales are generated with ads that use certain keywords, in addition to which keywords appear to be the most convincing and appealing to customers. Click Ad Equalizer is the only keyword research program that has this capability, and unlike other programs and books that suggest and hypothesize about what keywords you should use, Click Ad Equalizer is the only program on the market that can tell you exactly which keywords are successful and making money.

Find out Which Products are Hot and which Ones to Avoid

If you have been burned in the past by a "once in a lifetime campaign" which turned out to be a complete dud, make sure you read this section! Like you, many other affiliates have invested time and money into promoting products and services that did not end up profitable. Failed affiliate campaigns are usually the result of bad advice, bad judgment, bad timing or just plain old bad luck. Regardless of the reason, promoting the wrong products can cost you thousands of dollars. Many people think that affiliate marketing is guesswork, but they couldn't be more wrong! As a matter of fact, if you are guessing in this business, you stand a very slim chance of making any real money as an affiliate. Click Ad Equalizer takes all of the guesswork out of affiliate marketing by not only giving you information on which affiliate program to join, but also which campaigns to run and which products and services are making the most money online.

With nothing more than the push of a button, you can instantly find out which programs are working and which ones are not. Click Ad Equalizer will show you which products and services are selling the most online, and the ones that are selling the least. This will help you make better decisions regarding which affiliate campaigns you should run. Click Ad Equalizer also shows you which companies and merchants have the most profitable campaigns, which will help you decide who you should and shouldn't work with. The software shows you exactly which products are selling for every keyword that is related to the products, and displays the results in a simple-to-read pie chart format. These in-depth analyses will help you quickly determine who you want to do affiliate partnerships with, which affiliate programs to join, who the competition is and what products to promote. And by using the top 1000 daily searches feature, you will always be able to quickly find out how products and campaigns are doing every single day! The Click Ad Equalizer system also comes included with Affiliate Equalizer, which gives you the specific order in which affiliates are marketing their products. This is such a valuable tool because it lets you know exactly when a hot new product has made its way on the market. And you get it absolutely free!

You no longer have to worry about losing money on unproven and unreliable niche markets! Click Ad Equalizer lets you know the success of various products in just about every niche you can think of. This will help you expand into several different niches simultaneously, which will allow you to build multiple streams of income.

Get Cheaper Traffic and Beat the Competition

Click Ad Equalizer will also help you find traffic for a fraction of the price that you were paying before! After Click Ad Equalizer shows you what keywords to use and what affiliate programs to run, it will then perform another search that will show you where you can get the least expensive traffic for your ads and affiliate campaigns. The systems will perform searches for cost-per-click advertisements and give you a list of cost-per-clicks on less expensive search engines that you may have never even knew existed before! Cost-per-click campaigns work by charging the affiliate a fee for every single time the ad is clicked, so if you are running this kind of affiliate program, it is imperative that you find the least expensive cost-per-clicks to run so that you don't spend all of your money on advertising. Click Ad Equalizer helps find the cheapest traffic for your affiliate campaigns, saving you a ton of money in the process. You are also able to conduct searches on the cost-per-clicks that generate the most sales, and the search engines they can be found on. This is an extremely helpful piece of information because you want to make sure you are not paying excessive amounts of money for low quality traffic that results in many clicks, but few sales.

Click Ad Equalizer will also give you the information you need to help you run circles around the competition. The search options also let you see how much other affiliates are bidding on keywords for ads that are run on Brainfox, Findwhat, Google and other search engines. This will help you save a great deal of time and money, and you will never have to worry about overbidding or underbidding again. And since you will also get to see what products and programs are the most profitable, you will not longer have to spend hours on your computer doing research on affiliate programs. With Click Ad Equalizer, the competitors take all the risk, while you get the luxury of only bidding on proven moneymakers. Let them do all the research, while you just log in and pick the best campaigns!

No More Outdated Videos, E-books and Newsletters!

We all know that the Internet is constantly changing, and that different products and services are being entered into the online marketplace every single day. In a marketplace so volatile, only the most current and updated tools will do, and you need to be kept abreast of the daily events that will cause you to either make or lose money. Many of the "how-to" affiliate marketing products are filled with nothing more than theory, and a lot of the information they contain is outdated. In many cases, many of the "tips" that they offer can only work when applied to very specific and tightly-constrained niches. To make matters worse, these niches may be outdated or obsolete by the time you are ready to implement your affiliate program, making the information completely useless. Do not waste your money on yesterday's news! Click Ad Equalizer provides up to the minute information on current trends, so that you never miss out on a golden opportunity. And one of the great things about click Ad Equalizer is that it is not dealing with theory. You are only given information on programs, products and services that are already making money. There is no risk or guessing involved!

Here are some other great features of Click Ad Equalizer:

  • Wordtracker Compatibility - Click Ad Equalizer is completely compatible your Wordtracker software, and you can easily import your own Wordtracker keyword lists into the Click Ad Equalizer system.

  • Multiple search fields and options. With Click Ad Equalizer, you can search by the month, year, date, sales, level of popularity, search engine, and many more! You also have the option of receiving your search results in an easy-to-read CSV or HTML format, and you can export any lists you choose!

  • You get all the perks of owning your own business without all the hassles. You never have to manage a website, deal with customers, keep inventory or ship orders!

  • The ability to conduct multiple searches at the same time. You no longer have to spend hours researching affiliate campaigns and available products. With the click of a button, Click Ad Equalizer is able to conduct several searches and deliver the results to you within minutes.

  • Free program updates and technical support

  • And so much more!

Prove the Naysayers Wrong!

Perhaps you are still skeptical about what Click Ad Equalizer can do for you. Maybe you have heard or read claims that there is no money in affiliate programs, that the affiliate market is volatile and unpredictable or that any money you do make is just the result of pure dumb luck. The naysayers couldn't be more wrong! Affiliate marketing has become the fastest growing and most lucrative industry on the Internet, and it has been estimated that companies that have integrated affiliate programs in their marketing strategy see a profit increase of as much as 20 percent! And since new products are constantly entering the marketplace every single day, there are plenty of opportunities for new affiliates to make a great deal of money. The reason why so many people continue to question the validity of affiliate marketing is that while it is clearly obvious that people are making money using affiliate marketing programs, they may not know exactly how they do it. Since no one could really give any helpful advice on how to develop a successful affiliate marketing strategy, and there were no programs available that tracked affiliate program trends for progress and performance, many people are simply left in the dark about how affiliate marketing works and how to make money. As a result, you have thousands of people out there playing the guessing game and losing a ton of money in the process. It doesn't have to be this way! So many people could build limitless streams of income if only they had the right information. That is what makes Click Ad Equalizer such an important discovery. For the first time, you can finally get useful and accurate information that can help you run profitable affiliate campaigns. You no longer have to guess about which affiliate program to join or what products to advertise. You can now see with your own two eyes which products are selling, which affiliates are making money, and which ads are getting the most traffic and clicks. With Click Ad Equalizer, you can spend less time conductions trial-and-error and more time making money! With all this innovative new program has to offer, it is no surprise that Click Ad Equalizer has become the number one affiliate marketing research tool!

Don't Be Out of the Loop!

Thousands of people have thrown out their e-books and how-to videos and have finally started making money using Click Ad Equalizer. Don't you think it is time to stop playing the guessing game? Click Ad Equalizer will bring you in the know and give you the information you need to start making some real money online. Within seconds, you can double or even triple your revenue, do hundreds of hours of research with the click of a button and locate multiple tapped markets. You owe it to yourself to give Click Ad Equalizer a try!

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