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RocketPiano: Learn to play the piano


Have you ever wished that you could play music?  It’s hard to watch a band or orchestra and not wish that you could be a part of it.  Learning to play an instrument, however, takes years of intense practice.  At least, that‘s what they tell us, right?  Well, according to Rocket Piano, it’s not as hard as you might have originally thought.

Whether you wish to play for pleasure, for your church, or even if you want to become a star, Ashleigh Southam, the author of this program, claims that you can learn to play piano by ear in no time.  All you have to do is purchase these easy-to-follow disks and you too will be playing piano with the best of them.  Does it work?  Can people really learn to play piano this quickly?  Is this really worth the money?

Rocket Piano claims that, with this program, you will learn how to read music, how to recognize chord shapes and how to ensure that you have perfect pitch and, best of all, you don’t learn this by sitting with a boring old instructor for hours every week - Instead, you get to learn this technique by playing fun software games, listening to sound files, and viewing various diagrams, pictures and videos.  “Thousands of people just like you worldwide,” claims Southam, “have used my unique multimedia course to fast-track their piano learning, whilst having piles of fun in the process.”

Of course, it’s a known fact that 97% of people admit that playing the piano is much harder than they thought it would be.  Rocket Piano simplifies all of this however, much like the programs by which they teach high school students to speak different languages - Learning to listen to someone speak a language, and then speaking it with them, makes us more fluent in our languages.  Music is the same way - the more you spend time listening to professional pianists and following their techniques, the faster you will become a professional, yourself.

While there are other programs on the market, that claim to teach you piano, Rocket Piano goes that extra distance that sets them above the rest.  Offering a trial of 6 free e-course piano lessons, along with a copy of the Rocket Piano newsletter, would-be pianists are offered the chance to give the program a try and see if they like it, prior to purchase. 

Four bonuses are also offered with the main package:  Teaching pianists to detect and transcribe music, “Perfect Your Pitch Pro” is a multiple-choice listening game that will help to train your ear to tell what the different notes are.  “Jayde Musica Pro” teaches the user to read music, identifying musical notes as they fly along the screen - See if you can catch up!  Meanwhile, “Advanced Learning Techniques for Piano” teaches users about mental visualization and how it will assist them in learning to play.  Finally, “KeyCellerator” takes over where Jayde Musica left off, continuing to teach you all about reading music.  If these four bonuses aren’t a good enough reason to try the program, an additional 60 day money-back guarantee is also offered, just in case you feel that the lessons fail to help you improve your playing. 

Rocket Piano is offered for a very affordable price.  In fact, with the bonus CDs figured in, the total cost of this program comes to less than $10 per disc.  Packed full of fun games, it is not only an excellent teaching too, but also makes a great gift for aspiring pianists, regardless of age.

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