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Installing Cricket Modem

My comp crashed so I have a loaner; I lost my cricket software, just have the modem how can load it onto this pc?Susan Keenan

Fortunately, the software for your Cricket Broadband modem is readily available online at the Cricket website. You will need to know exactly which model of the Cricket modem you have first in order to select the correct installation software for the drivers. Once you know which Cricket modem you have, you can follow the directions listed below and download the Cricket Broadband modem software onto your borrowed computer.

Install Software to Open Zipped Files

The modem software that you need to download has been compressed into a zip file. Therefore, you need to have access to software that will unzip the file for you. If you don't already have a program installed on the computer, you will have to download an application from the Internet. The following popular programs can be used to open zip files: WinRAR or WinZip. Just complete an online search for the program that you wish to use if you don't already have it.

Models of Cricket Broadband Modems

If you don't remember which model you have, you should be able to identify your Cricket Broadband Modem just by looking at it or by searching through any paperwork that you have for the modem. These are the identifying numbers that you are searching for: A600, UM185C, EC1705, or Crosswave.

Installing Cricket Broadband Modem Software

Visit the following webpage for Cricket Modem Drivers. Once you arrive at this page, you will see the question, "Where can I get the Cricket Broadband client software to download on my computer?" Beneath that question, you should see five answers indicating the available downloads.

You will need to select the proper link for your computer operating system and modem model. First look for the Cricket modem identification and then select "PC" if you have Windows operating system and "Mac" if you have a Mac computer. Follow the prompts as they appear until you have completed the download.

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