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Eee PC Black Screen Error

I have an Eee Pc mini laptop and when I start it up it takes me to a black screen with a dash on the upper left side. Susan Keenan

Several causes can lead to the problem that you are having. Therefore, it is going to take a bit of troubleshooting to discover exactly what strategy will fix the problem. Try each one of the following suggestions until you get one that works. I suggest reading through all of the options before you begin, so that you have a clear idea as to what your choices are.

Resolving Eee PC Black Screen Error with Safe Mode

Turn the laptop's power on and immediately begin to tap the "F8" key on the keyboard until the laptop begins to boot up. You should see several options for Safe Mode:

  • Safe Mode (loads only the drivers that are absolutely necessary)
  • Safe Mode with Networking (loads only the drivers that are absolutely necessary and gives you the ability to use the Internet)
  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt (allows you to use the Command Prompt if you have this skill set)

I suggest you choose one of the first two options. Some users have stated that this strategy is successful, but they have to use it each time they boot up their Eee mini laptop. If that happens to you, you might want to try one of the other options.

Resolving Eee PC Black Screen Error with Factory Reset

Start with your laptop turned off. Turn the power on and immediately press the "F9" key on the keyboard. Keep pressing the "F9" key until the laptop boots up. This strategy should reset the laptop back to its factory settings.

Resolving Eee PC Black Screen Error with Full Charge

Several other Eee PC users have mentioned having success resolving the issue of black screen error with the dash on the upper left hand side simply by making sure that their mini laptop is fully charged before turning it on.

Resolving Eee PC Black Screen Error by Uninstalling Recent Add ons

It is possible that software or a peripheral that you have added onto the mini laptop is experiencing an incompatibility with your machine and creating the problem with the black screen. Check to make sure that all of the laptop's devices, the graphic card, etc are compatible with your operating system and laptop. It is possible that one of these devices is not compatible and you will need to uninstall it.

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