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Downloading Pictures from Memory Card

How do I download just some of the pictures from my memory card to my computer (some of them have all ready been put on computer and I don't want to duplicate them)? I know how to download the entire memory card but not just say, the last dozen pictures.Celeste Stewart

Copying Pictures from a Memory Card

Often when you insert a memory card into your computer's memory card reader, a popup screen appears prompting you to choose from several options. Depending on past settings or the software your camera came with, your computer may automatically load software or prompt you with specific commands. Regardless, here's an easy way to pick and choose the photos to download to your computer: Use Windows Explorer.

Using Windows Explorer to Copy Pictures from a Memory Card

If your computer prompts you with a small window asking you what you want to do after you insert your memory card, choose the "Open folder to view files" option. This will open Windows Explorer which will then display the files on the card. If it doesn't, open Windows Explorer manually by going to the Start button and right-clicking it. Choose "Open Windows Explorer" or "Explore" (this depends on your operating system).

Once Windows Explorer is open, you'll need to navigate to the memory card. Just as your hard drive is labeled with a driver letter (usually C), so too will your memory card. It will likely be listed as D, E, or F depending on how many other drives are installed. It may also display a short description such as "portable storage device" or "Memory Stick." Once you find the card, click it and you should see a list of folders. You may need to peek in several of these folders before you find the one containing the photos. For example, if you have a Sony camera, the photos will likely be located in a subfolder named 101MSDCF which is located in the DCIM folder.

Press the Control key and click on the individual photos that you want to copy and then drag and drop the photos into your My Pictures or Pictures folder on your hard drive. Alternately, you can select the photos and then right-click. This brings up a menu with several choices. Choose Copy. From there, open the destination folder and right-click a blank area. Choose Paste.    

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  1. 001   Georgia

    Thank you Celeste; I had done it this way a long time ago but had forgotten how I did it. Thanks for jogging my memory !

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