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Connecting LYRA to iTunes

I have a RCA ‘LYRA'. I guess it's one of the earlier models and I am trying to get my songs/play lists off of the device to put into a file or onto iTunes. Upon startup, I get a "device internal temp is too cold/hot" which it's truly not either of the two. IF it manages to get to the main menu, I've attempted to connect a number of USB cords to the device and although it then goes into the "connecting" mode, it's never recognized by any of the computers. The LYRA freezes on and won't reset or restart and I've had to take the backing off and remove the 4GB Hitachi Microdrive. Is there any way to salvage the device to get the files off, or am I simply screwed?Susan Keenan

RCA LYRA players are noted to have an ongoing array of performance issues including freezing, issues with keys, repeating tracks, audio problems, and issues with batteries. Try the following troubleshooting suggestions to see if you can resolve the issue you are having long enough to allow you to transfer your song files.

Troubleshooting LYRA: Soft Reset

A soft reset often resolves problematic issues without causing you to lose most of your settings. Hold down the "On/Off/Stop" button on the player for a full 15 seconds.

Troubleshooting LYRA: Charge Fully/Install Fresh Battery

One of the most notorious issues with the LYRA is problems with the batteries. Quite often, they don't hold their charge. Charge your player for a minimum of three hours to guarantee that it has enough power to perform for you. If your batteries are severely depleted, it is possible that the LYRA will not work properly even if you have it plugged into an alternative power source.

Troubleshooting LYRA: Reset the Player

If your RCA LYRA is not working properly, you can try resetting the player with these directions. Take the batteries out of the player. Hold down at least one of the buttons for at least 15 seconds to fully drain the LYRA's microprocessor. This will reset the player. Next, install new batteries inside the player. It's important to install fresh batteries since the ones you are using might not have enough charge left in them to allow you to proceed with your task.

Troubleshooting LYRA: Reseat the Compact Flash Card

It is important that the Compact Flash card is seated properly within the player. Carefully remove the card and replace it in the player.

Troubleshooting LYRA: Release Keys that May Be Stuck

Since the keys on the RCA LYRA tend to stick, it is important to ensure that the "pause" key is not stuck. Press the "M" key to allow the player to go to "play" mode.

Troubleshooting LYRA: Check Computer Resources

Take the time to clean up your computer before trying this task of transferring music files from the LYRA to iTunes. Remove unwanted files, empty the recycle bin, and scan for viruses and spyware.

Troubleshooting LYRA: Start Fresh

Update the drivers on the LYRA before attempting to transfer music files from the LYRA to iTunes again. Boot up the computer fresh and keep all unnecessary applications closed while you attempt to make your transfer.

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