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Building traffic to your website

Website Traffic Building

The first thing you need if you are going to make money on the Internet is a website. From your website you can sell a product or service, or generate money through advertising, or use affiliate links to make money. But there is one other thing you will have to have in order to make money, and that is traffic. Without visitors to your site, you will not make a dime!

One option you can use to draw traffic to your site is to buy it. You can purchase hits for your website from companies who specialize in marketing your website. They do all of the legwork for you, and you only pay for the hits when they come from that company’s efforts. If you need to focus on your website, and have the money to spend on traffic building, then this might be the way to go.

Chances are, though, that you would rather keep that hard-earned money in your wallet! If so, there are many free ways you can build traffic to your website. But before you learn them, make sure you have a website that people will want to visit, which means you need to have content that people will want to see! Even if your final goal is to make a sale on your product or service, quality content is what ensures that your visitors stay on your site long enough to decide to make that purchase. Even if you are looking to rank high on the search engines, make sure you focus first on the quality of the information you are giving your customers, and second on keyword percentages. Nothing turns away a visitor faster than articles so saturated with keywords that they are unreadable.
Now, you need to get the word out about your site. Visit forums on topics related to your site. Post helpful information to build yourself a reputation as someone who knows about that topic. Many forums will allow you to post a link to your website in your signature. If you can show that you know something about the topic, then people will likely visit your site to learn more. And when your site has even more helpful information, they are more likely than not to buy your product or service, or visit the ads for those companies you have deemed relevant.

Your e-mail account should have a link to your website in every single e-mail. A relatively simple way to do this is to place a signature on your e-mails with a link, and a small statement about the content of the site. Remember, every visitor is potential income.

If you can write on your topic, write articles that contain links to your website. There are many article databases that allow articles to contain links, provided the information provided is related to the article. This is also a free way to promote your site.

Finally, recruit the help of friends, family, and previous customers. If you have good information or a quality product to offer, then your friends and family will be glad to spread the word about your site. Get friends with blogs or websites to link to your site on their sites, and return the favor.

Each of these tips is free, and will draw traffic to your site. Soon, your traffic will skyrocket, and you will be seeing the income you desire! Focus on quality content, followed by spreading the word, and you will see the results!

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