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Adjusting MTU Settings

Can anyone assist me in changing my MTU settings on a Netgear Cable Modem. More specifically a CGD24G Model? I've been trying to play Xbox Live for the past hour. But it keeps telling me that my MTU settings are too low. This is the first time this happens and I've been playing with THIS modem for almost a year now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Celeste Stewart

Netgear MTU Setting Suggestions

A Netgear Knowledge Base article details circumstances where you might want to change MTU settings along with some suggested values for different scenarios. It also details (and provides a link to the product) how to change the MTU settings using a third party program called Dr. TCP. Ironically, while Netgear says to check the modem's user manual for specific steps for Netgear modems, the user manual for model CGD24G doesn't address adjusting MTU settings. Take a quick look at the Netgear Knowledge Base article and consider its advice.

General Netgear MTU Adjustment Steps

If you're not sure about using Dr. TCP, you can try these general MTU setting adjustments. The steps may be slightly different for your exact modem, but they should be close enough to find your way around.

First, open Internet Explorer and type the following into the address bar:

Next, enter admin into the User Name field and password into the Password field when prompted. Note: these are the standard Netgear login credentials. If you've changed the user name or password, enter those instead.

After logging in, look for the MTU size section. It's often found in the WAN Setup menu. You may also see a description such as "ISP parameters for Internet access." Once you find the MTU section, choose Custom and enter your desired value. Since your error message indicates that your MTU settings are too low, you'll want to increase the size. The maximum setting is 1500. Make sure that your setting is at least 1364 as this is the minimum requirement specified by Xbox Live.

Save your changes, exit out of Internet Explorer, and reboot your system including your computer, console, modem and router. Hopefully this will solve that error message once and for all.

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2 Responses to “Adjusting MTU Settings”

  1. 001   Kevin

    I'm having a similar issue. I've been using this router for over a year now and suddenly, this started happening when I attempted to connect to my router via wireless. I don't want to run cables from my Xbox 360 to my router, since I do have children here and the cable would cross directly in front of a doorway.

    Now I go to the gateway page that you've listed (@ but I don't see anything on the left sidebar titled 'Wan Setup.' Other pages I've visited says that it'll be under the 'Advanced' menu but again, I don't see anything to that nature. And I've clicked on every option but find nothing that allows me to adjust my MTU parameters.

    Pulling my hair out here. Maybe you can shed a little insight.

  2. 002   Celeste Stewart

    Kevin, what operating system are you using? Apparently Windows XP and some others automatically set MTU. This can be changed via the registry. A Microsoft knowledgebase article discusses it here:

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