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Removing Cell Phone Virus

How can I remove a virus in my cell phone without using a computer? My cell phone is unable to connect to the computer.Kate Dubensky

Cell Phone Viruses

As long as you can access the Internet with your cell phone, you don't have to connect your phone to a computer to remove a virus. The same way that your computer can get infected with a virus if you access an insecure web page or open an infected file you receive by SMS text message, email or from Bluetooth enabled devices. Once your cell phone is infected with a virus, the steps to remove it are the same as on a computer as well.

Download a Cell Phone Antivirus Program

You will need to download and install an antivirus program from a secure Internet site. There are a number of antivirus programs developed specifically for mobile phones by online security companies. Shop around and look for a program appropriate for your phone make and model. After you install the program, run the process until it comes back clean.

Try to Diagnose your Virus

There are also ways to manually remove viruses from cell phones, but you typically need to know the name of the virus that is plaguing your device. You might try searching online for the names of viruses that are known to infect your phone model, or viruses that cause the kinds of problems you are experiencing.

Delete the Virus Manually

Once you know the name, or some suspected names, you can either use your phone's built in Application Manager or download an Application Manager program from a third-party developer. Following the instructions for the Application Manager, open the list of running programs and terminate the suspected virus application. Be careful with this process, as you don't want to inadvertently delete a necessary process.

Factory Reset your Cell Phone

If all else fails, there is also a procedure called "flashing" your cell phone that works the same way as a computer format. This process will delete everything from your device, so make sure you have a record of your data before you perform this process. Also called a "factory reset" you can find the steps to remove all the data from your cell phone in your user manual.

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