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Acer Aspire Blank Screen Error

My Acer Apsire was alright until yesterday when the screen just went blank, it has a cursor flashing in the right top corner. When I start it up I see Acer Empowering come on screen then it goes blank, help?Kate Dubensky

Acer Aspire Startup Issues

There are a couple different possibilities for your computer problem. Usually, startup issues are related to a software problem and are resolved by running system restore processes. Unfortunately, some Acer models are known for hardware related performance problems. To rule out the hardware possibility, you could begin by checking if your computer is still under warranty and letting Acer or the dealer assess the issue. This route is time-consuming, but if the problem is hardware related, this would be the best course, especially if you have warranty coverage.

Troubleshooting Windows Operating System Issues

If the issue is with the software, there are several troubleshooting steps to try. The exact processes can differ according to Windows operating system versions, but are usually similar. The first thing to check is that there is no CD or DVD in the disk drive interfering with the boot process. If there is a disk, remove it and reboot the computer.

System Repair with a Windows Installation Disk

If you have a Windows installation disk, follow these steps to access the program repair options.

  • ● Insert the installation disk so the computer will boot from the disk instead of the hard drive
  • ● Restart the computer, click Start, then click the arrow beside the lock button
  • ● Now, click Restart
  • ● Press any key to boot from the install disk if you are prompted
  • ● If prompted, choose your language settings
  • ● Next, click to choose Repair your Computer
  • ● Highlight your operating system, then Next
  • ● There are several options displayed on the System Recovery Options menu, choose the tool you want to run and follow the on-screen prompts to run the process.

System Repair without an Installation Disk

If you don't have an installation disk, you might have recovery options per-installed on the computer. Check there are no disks in the drive, then reboot the computer. Before the operating system loads, start tapping F8 to access the Options menu. These tools can help you repair issues or reset to a time before the problem occured.

I hope this information is helpful, if you need more assistance, write again and provide details about your operating system and we can go from there. Good luck!

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