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Remove Welcome to Smart Update

When I'm browsing the Internet, an irritating pop up keeps appearing which I can't get rid of: Welcome to Smart Update. How can I stop this irritation which means absolutely nothing to me?Celeste Stewart

What is Smart Update?

First, we need to figure out what Smart Update is and which program is generating the "Welcome to Smart Update" message box before we can figure out how to make it go away. The name "Smart Update" is fairly generic as many programs have update features. In doing a quick Internet search, it looks like PC Tools Spyware Doctor refers to its update feature as "Smart Update" and generates a screen that says "Welcome to Smart Update" when it's time to update the software manually. If you have PC Tools software installed, this could be the program generating the pop-up box. However, because of the generic name, another program could be involved.

Does the message box give you any other information as to what exactly is being updated? When does the dialog box appear? For example, does it only appear when you launch a certain program? If so, it's likely associated with that program.

Turning off the "Welcome to Smart Update" Message Box

If you're able to identify the program that's generating the pop-up box, you may be able to turn off the alert. Naturally, the steps will vary depending on which program is involved. For example, if you have PC Tools Spyware Doctor, try clicking Settings and remove the checkmark in the box labeled "OnGuard tools can display pop-up alert window." You should also see a section for Smart Update actions and scan settings. It looks like there's a drop down box with different options such as "Notify me about available updates." Click the drop down arrow and see if there's an option that downloads updates automatically without notifying you. If so, that's your best bet for removing the annoying pop-up box. The goal is to allow the software to update itself without prompting you.

If you can't identify the source of the dialog box, look to see if there's an option that you can mark that will stop showing the message in the future. Be careful though because unidentified, general security alerts could be spyware in disguise.   

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