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Troubleshooting Touchpads

My touchpad when tapped should select, which it did until recently. I have tried to change the settings in the control panel but nothing seems to be wrong. All its other functions are working. Please help alleviate this annoying problem.Susan Keenan

Unfortunately, when a touchpad stops working properly, it usually takes a bit of troubleshooting touch pad errors to get to the cause. This particular touchpad error is a fairly common one. Try the suggestions below and see if you can fix your malfunctioning touchpad with one of them.

Touchpad Errors: Check Settings

As you mentioned, the first place to troubleshoot a problem like this is to check the settings in the control panel. Once in the control panel, navigate to the device settings for the mouse and make sure that tapping has been enabled.

Touchpad Errors: Complete a System Restore

If you remember the date when the touchpad began giving you problems, you can complete a system restore for the day prior to that. Hopefully, your touchpad goes back to working properly.

Touchpad Errors: Battery Issue

There have been reported incidences of the battery beneath the touchpad swelling and causing pressure that affected the touchpad's ability to respond to touch. Once the battery has been replaced, the problem went away. If your touchpad is still under warranty, you might want to check with the manufacturer so you don't void the warranty.

Touchpad Errors: Update Software

It is possible that a quick update of the latest software will resolve the issue for you. In fact, you should update your touchpad drivers on a regular basis to avoid problematic issues and a malfunctioning touchpad.

Touchpad Errors: Random Tips

One of the minor reasons behind touchpad errors is a problem with cleanliness. Even the tiniest bit of dirt can lead to problems. Be sure to keep your touchpad perfectly clean at all times.

Touchpads are sensitive to changes in temperature. Try to exercise caution and avoid switching back and forth from cold to hot temperatures and vice versa. If you live in a four-season area or one with cold temperatures, make sure that you never leave the touchpad exposed to cold air for longer than absolutely necessary.

Some touchpad users have mentioned having this problem after viewing video clips. Once they put their touchpad to sleep and wake it back up, everything seems to go back to normal.


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