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PSNotes and 2011

Psnotes.exe is one of my favourite utilities, but it wont accept dates past 2010. Can psnotes be adapted to solve this problem? I don't find 3Ms newer "digital notes" anything like as useful and it is over 10 mb.Kate Dubensky

Post-it Software Notes Application

Well, the psnotes.exe application is not the easiest program to find information about. It appears that, sometime in the last little while, the 3M company that produces the application made some important changes, including stopping support for the psnotes - also called Post-it Software Notes - and replaced it with the newer Digital Notes.

Post-it Software Notes upgraded to Post-it Digital Notes

It isn't clear exactly when the change occurred, but it was definitely following Post-it Software Notes version 3.1, when the program changed from a freeware application to a paid program. After this version, updates were only offered on a 30-day trial basis, or available for purchase. The application is reasonably priced, with the latest release available for a single installation for $9.99. The Post-it Digital Notes program underwent the same change after its 4.1 version release.

Any and every search of the 3M website for the previous Software Notes program is redirected to the new Digital Notes download page. As a result, I can't find any specific information about the Software Notes application to compare against the newer version.

Support for Post-it Digital Notes

To use the Post-it Digital Notes software application is supported on newer versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems, which is consistent with the new version replacing the previous Software Notes as well. Digital Notes is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

It is always frustrating when products and applications that we know and love are replaced by new, foreign or less convenient versions. I hope that you can continue to enjoy the Software Notes application you have now, or learn to live with - and hopefully love - the new Digital Notes program. If you haven't already, you can read the Digital Notes Instructions for Use PDF that is available on the 3M website here.  You might also be interested to know that the 3M website also offers a review page for the new program, where you can post your thoughts, positive or negative. Perhaps this way 3M can consider ways to make Digital Notes as user-friendly and useful as Software Notes.

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