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Dial-up Internet Access

Can I get an Internet connection by plugging directly into a telephone landline? If so how?Celeste Stewart

I have a Fujita Ultra Mini Notebook PC with three USB ports, two marked keyboard mouse, one marked USB disk, and one standard landline telephone inlet plug.

Dial-up Internet Access

Yes, you can get an Internet connection by connecting your computer to a traditional landline. This type of Internet access is called dial-up Internet access. However, you'll need a dial-up Internet access account from an Internet Service Provider and you will need to configure your Web browser so that it knows which phone number to dial and how to connect.

Free and Paid Dial-up Internet Providers

Depending on how many hours you plan connecting to the Internet, you'll need to decide between free and paid dial-up Internet access plans. For example, if you need fewer than 10 hours per month of access, NetZero offers a dial-up access plan. On the other hand, if you plan on using more than 10 hours per month, you'll likely need to pay for the privilege. Fortunately, dial-up Internet access is extremely inexpensive with unlimited access plans available for as little as $10 per month.

Choose Local Phone Numbers

Because you'll be accessing the Internet over your telephone, it's important to choose an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers local phone numbers. Otherwise, you'll see long distance charges on your phone bill - and these can quickly add up.

Configuring Your Web Browser for Dial-up Internet Access

Once you have signed up for a free or paid dialup plan, you'll need to configure your Web browser. This is relatively easy. Your ISP will provide you with a username and password as well as a list of local access numbers from which to choose.

In general, you'll need to launch Internet Explorer, click on Tools, click on Internet Options, and then click on Connections. Next, click the Setup button and follow the prompts. Once you have the browser set up, you can connect to the Internet by launching Internet Explorer. In fact, you can connect to any phone line including home, office, and hotel phone lines. Keep in mind that you'll want to choose a local phone number if you take your computer to another location.

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