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Computer Time Keeps Resetting

Hi, my question is that my computer time/date resets to default every time I turn off my pc. I change it when I use pc but when I turn off then again turn on, the time/date is changed to default. (e.g. I set current time but it resets to 1/1/2006-12AM). Please solve the problem.Susan Keenan

The computer's time is maintained by an internal battery known as the CMOS battery. One of the signs that the CMOS battery is failing is that the time on the computer keeps resetting itself each time you shut down and power up. If the computer time keeps resetting, it is most likely time to replace the CMOS battery.  The battery looks somewhat like a large watch battery- round and slim. It is located on the computer's motherboard.

The CMOS battery is also needed to maintain configuration memory (CMOS) for the computer. If the battery dies completely, you'll encounter even more problems with the computer.

How to Replace the CMOS Battery

If your computer is a desktop version, you should be able to locate the CMOS battery easily enough simply by taking the cover off and searching for it on the motherboard. Typically, the CMOS battery is easy to pop off. Just bring it to a computer store and replace it with one just like it. If you prefer, you can search for identifying marks on the battery and use those to replace it. You can also contact the manufacturer or visit the manufacturer's website to locate the correct CMOS battery for your machine.

Once you have the new CMOS battery, you can often just put it in the computer. However, with certain older computers, the CMOS battery is soldered or wired into the motherboard and you will need special instructions to remove/replace it. You can refer to your documentation for the computer or search for directions online.

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