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Troubleshooting Malfunctioning Mouse Buttons

The built in mouse on my laptop stopped "clicking". It still moves around the screen, but I can't choose anything. I have to left click in order to pick any icon. What did my husband do to my computer and how can I fix it?Kate Dubensky

Restore Laptop Touchpad Tapping Function

With a problem like this, the issue could be either hardware or software related. In the worst case scenario, there could be something wrong with the laptop's hardware that is preventing the mouse functions from working properly. If this is the case, only a technician and repair will be able to resolve it. However, it is possible that the mouse's functions have been altered through a software configuration and that a reset can get things back to normal.

Using your computer's operating system controls

To start, we can try using your computer's operating system controls to reset the touchpad settings and hope that this clears up the issue. Assuming that you are using a Microsoft Windows operating system, follow these directions to adjust your Vista system's configuration.

Using the Control Panel

  • 1. On the bottom left corner of the computer screen, click the Start button to open the Start menu
  • 2. Choose Control Panel, then select the Hardware and Sound subsection
  • 3. Click to choose Mouse
  • 4. *If you are not able to make these selections with your limited mouse functions, you can left click the mouse pad with the cursor on the desktop to open a menu, then choose Mouse Pointers
  • 5. Next, click to choose the Buttons tab in order to see details about your computer's touchpad and to make changes to the mouse's double click speed and function. Make the changes you want, then click Apply
  • 6. Now you can choose the Device Settings tab, and then Settings
  • 7. Here you can scroll through the touchpad configurations and make changes to set it to your specifications. You will see menus for tapping the mouse pad, as well as scrolling, sensitivity and pointing
  • 8. Choose Tapping and ensure that the Enable option box is checked and enabled
  • 9. Make your changes, and then click Apply
  • 10. To finish the process, choose OK
  • 11. Try the mouse pad again and check if the configurations are resolved

If you are running a different operating system, the steps may vary slightly, but you should be able to use the Control Panel>Mouse>Device Settings method to access your touchpad options and restore your tapping function.

I hope this solves your problem. If not, you can write again and include your computer make and model, as well as details about your computer operating system and we can try troubleshooting your issue more specifically.

Good luck!

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