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Administrator Password and Turning Off Content Advisor

How do I find out what the password is for the supervisor password and/or content advisor or turn it off?

Susan Keenan


Without knowing exactly what type of operating system you are dealing with, I can offer the following general suggestions for dealing with forgotten/unknown supervisor passwords. One of these suggestions should work for your situation. Read through all of these before selecting the path you want to use.

 Resetting Supervisor Password 

It is possible to reset the supervisor password in order to get around the fact that you don’t know what it is. A variety of programs are available that are designed to reset all types of passwords including administrator passwords. Typically you will need to pay for this type of software, but it should be worth it to you. Once you have the software downloaded, it’s a simple process. I haven’t used any of these applications myself, so I cannot recommend one over another. I suggest doing a search for “password changer” to see what programs are available.

 Using Windows CD to Reset Supervisor Password 

In earlier versions, it is possible to use the CD that came with your computer to reset the administrator password. Later versions such as Windows Vista incorporate a bit more security into their software, so it is not as simple to reset a forgotten or unknown password. You can always try searching for directions on how to reset the admin password using the Windows CD.

 How to Turn Off Content Advisor with a New Administrator Password Once you are able to reset the supervisor password, you can use the following directions to turn off “Content Advisor.” 1)      Open Internet Explorer2)      Navigate to the “Tools” section of at the top of the Internet Explorer window.3)      Select the option labeled “Content.”4)      Click the button labeled “Disable.”

5)      Type in your “Supervisor Password” in the box for the password and select “OK.”


Disabling Content Advisor by Erasing and Resetting Old Supervisor Password


The following strategy is tricky, so make sure you back up your system first in case you have to complete a “System Restore.” You need to make changes to the registry, so pay close attention to the following steps as you complete them.


1)      Navigate to “Start.”

2)      Select “Run.”

3)      In the open box, type “Regedit.”

4)      Select “OK.”

5)      Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies

6)      Select the folder labeled “Ratings.”

7)      Right click on the icon labeled “key” located in the right hand column.

8)      Select “Delete.”

9)      Close out of the registry.


At this point, the content admin password is non-existent, so you can turn off “Content Advisor” quite easily.

 1)      Open “Internet Explorer.”2)      Navigate to the “Tools” on the menu at the top of the IE window.3)      Select the tab labeled “Content.”4)      Select the button labeled “Disable.”

5)      Simply select “OK” as the password is blank.

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