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Troubleshooting Process Errors

My PC has an error for any process that won't start. It stops in my pages ...why?Susan Keenan

Computer errors occur for a wide number of reasons. I am not quite sure what errors you are experiencing, so I will provide a few tips for troubleshooting process errors that commonly occur on computers.

Scan for Spyware

If you don't already have a reliable anti-spyware/anti-virus application, download and install one. Once you have the anti-spyware/anti-virus application set up on your computer, use it to scan your computer for malware such as viruses or spyware. Follow the directions to remove any problematic issues that are found. If you don't have a reliable anti-spyware/anti-virus application, try ANTIVIRUS PLUS.

Troubleshooting PC Errors: Update Programs

If you are having difficulty using websites that allow you to shop for items, it is possible that you need to update one or more of the following applications. First, make sure that your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc) is the latest version. If you need to update the browser, visit the website for it and follow the instructions.

If you haven't updated your Java or Adobe Flash applications lately, this could be the problem that you are having. Make sure that you have these applications installed with the latest versions.

Troubleshooting Process Errors: Run chkdsk

Since the problem might be related to disk errors, follow these directions to run the chkdsk utility. This tool checks for directory errors, bad sectors, lost clusters, and cross-linked files.

  • 1) Select "Start" from the computer screen.
  • 2) Select "Run" from the list of options.
  • 3) Type "cmd" into the empty box.
  • 4) Select "Enter."
  • 5) When the prompt appears, type in chkdsk volume:/r to recover readable information and repair errors.

Troubleshooting Process Errors: Use System Restore

You can also try "System Restore"

  • 1) Click "Start."
  • 2) Click "All Programs."
  • 3) Click "Accessories."
  • 4) Click "System Tools."
  • 5) Click "System Restore."
  • 6) Select the option to "Restore my computer to an earlier time,"
  • 7) Click "next."
  • 8) Follow the prompts that appear.

Troubleshooting Process Errors: Clean the Registry

Sometimes pc errors occur because of broken or missing files in the registry. Just in case this is the problem with the pc errors that you are experiencing, you should clean the registry. One program that is designed to do that is Paretologic's RegCure.

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