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eBuddy Mobile Contacts Offline

This problem relates to eBuddy mobile. I have successfully installed eBuddy mobile on my Samsung G600, and can sign-in okay to MSN. The problem is that everyone on my buddy list is permanently showing as being offline. I've signed into MSN on my computer while still being connected on eBuddy mobile, and contacts who were actually online at that time were still showing as offline on my mobile. Any ideas please? Susan Keenan

It seems as though the problem of online buddies showing as being offline is a bug experienced by many mobile users. Later versions of the software have been modified to address this issue. You can look through the solutions suggested here and see if completing them resolves the problem for you.

Update Your MSN Software

Make sure that you have the latest version for your MSN software. While you are at it, check to make sure that you have properly installed the correct version.

Update Your eBuddy Software

Make sure that you have the most up-to-date version of the eBuddy Software on your Samsung G600. If you aren't using the most current version, you could experience problems.

Update Your Browser Software

Check to see if you are using the latest version of your browser. If you are not, update it to use the most current version and see if that resolves the issue for you. You can also try using a different browser as they vary in their functionality with issues such as the one you are describing.

Recreate Your Friends List

One of the options you have is to remove all of your contacts and recreate the list. This solution seems to work for some mobile users, but not for others. You must delete all contacts though and start completely over.

Sign Out of MSN Messenger on the Computer

Try signing out of MSN Messenger on your computer and checking on your Samsung G600 again to see if your contacts are showing as online. It is possible that you are simply not able to be signed into MSN Messenger in two places at the same time.

Status on MSN Messenger on the Computer

If you have MSN Messenger opened on the computer but have selected the offline status, you could be creating the problem on your mobile device. Either maintain your status as online on the computer or sign out of it completely to see if that works for you.

Sign into Hotmail

Some users have success simply by signing into their Windows Live Hotmail account  and clicking on the option "available."

Summary: Recent problems with the listing of MSN online friends by listing them as offline on eBuddy seem to be commonplace. Troubleshooting tips might help.

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